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College Student
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Hi, I'm Veronica Lewis, also known as Veronica with four eyes! I'm a college student with low vision studying data science and assistive technology in Virginia, and I love writing, especially about technology, education, and visual impairment, and how these topics intersect. I share free positive and practical posts on my website ( and here on Paths To Technology to help support students, families, teachers, and other professionals searching for resources on low vision, assistive technology, and college transition, often sharing my own experiences and how I handled things on my own. Outside of writing about tech, I love anything related to the visual and performing arts, traveling/exploring new places, and learning about new topics and skills. My eventual goal is to take over the world with assistive technology by either ensuring accessibility tools and practices are integrated into every part of society, or achieving world domination through the use of screen magnfiication and text to speech- I'll never say which!

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