Sherry Lee

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Low Vision therapist
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0`6 years
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Hi, I am a recent widow, who was blessed to have 41 years with a wonderful man. When we met I was an RN and over the years I pursued TVI and later was certified as CLVT.  These choices were made because of a very significant day, when I knew I was to work with the deaf and the blind.  I had previously received my BA in religious education, which, at that time, was equivalent to a BA in elementary education. We moved to Tulsa, OK, from the Boston area and a unique job opportunity allowed me to practice nursing AND act as paraprofessional with blind and low vision children from 0-10 years old!! In this pre-school, I moved from nurse, to para, to teacher of the VI class. I took pilot classes at the Muskogee School for the Blind in the summer, to be certified as a TVI.  Sadly, my BA did not qualify me to be certified, so I chose to use what I learned and apply it in teaching my little ones. In June of 1995, we set up residency in Kenya, E. Africa. I became associated with the Kikuyu Eye clinic due to my husband’s significant retinal detachment.  I met and traveled with the ladies from the eye clinic, Petra, a low vision therapist and Regina Kitau, an itinerant TVI.   I started a 501C3 in the USA to raise monies for children’s school fees and transportation. We found many poor handicapped children were being hidden in the slums and the bush because of tribal/social beliefs about their lack of worth. Because of the retinal tear, we came back to the states for extensive treatment for my husband and remained in the USA. My exposure to the need in Kenya deepened my desire to teach children who were blind, low vison, and the deaf-blind.  I returned to my former job at The Little Light House in Tulsa, OK, where I work until today.  During these last 14 years, the common diagnosis of CVI, and often, undiagnosed CVI in the child with multiple handicaps, has pushed me to learn as much as possible in this area.  I was introduced to Dr. Christine Roman before she was Roman-Lantz, by Luanne Tapscott of Sooner Start, Tulsa. Together, Luanne and I grew in our understanding of CVI and did our best to transition the 0-3 y/o Sooner Start population into pre-school, seamlessly, with continued adaptations to the child’s IEP as well as follow-through at home. My position at The Little Light House has opened doors to teach the staff, parents, and volunteers, as well as, college students who spend days in our classrooms as part of their training. We offer bi-yearly conferences to the professional public, of which the first, in 2007, included Dr. Linda Lawrence as our lead speaker.  Our school has been visited by many dignitaries and educators from other countries, opening doors to teach in those countries.  I have been fortunate to work with and learn from the trans-disciplinary team. I have traveled as CLVT to Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, and China as part of our team of OT’s, PT’s, SLP’s and an AT specialist.  In the coming school year, 2016-17, we will move into a new building that is equipped with state –of –the –art technology that broadens our potential to teach more locally and countries where technology is available to receive what we offer!  This growth of exposure is a big part of my desire to be prepared to be included in the ‘CVI directory’! Thank you for offering it, as you desire to protect the world of little ones who need well trained professional assessment AND advice on how to make adaptations in their various cultures!!  

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