R Saladino

Title or Position: 
TVI, Technology Education Consultant
Level of Students: 
Preschool-12th grade

Posts by R Saladino

Article Published Date Created
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Preparing Middle School and High School Students with VIB for Remote Learning Published 03/23/2020
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Editing using the Orbit Reader 20 and iPad Published 07/29/2019
What Can Swim? Published 06/29/2019
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Reading Books Created with Book Creator App Using an iPad and RBD Published 05/24/2019
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TVI and Kindergartener's Review of the Braille Buzz Published 01/21/2019
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It Is All About Motivation Published 11/26/2018
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Completing a Science Research Project using Text to Speech and Magnification Published 07/23/2018
Using Technology to Access the Song "Here Comes the Sun" Published 07/05/2018