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ObjectiveEd provides digital curriculum and games that work with your teaching - giving visually impaired pre-K through 12th grade students the ability to practice what you teach, when you aren’t around.  The skills are based on each student’s individual IEP and come from the Core and Expanded Core Curriculum.

Each app or game operates uniquely, based on the objectives & skills that you want your student to learn and practice.  Your student’s progress is tracked in a secure cloud, available to you and the IEP team through a web-based dashboard.

The apps and games teach skills including Orientation & Mobility, Assistive Technology and Braille Literacy.  ObjectiveEd's mission is to improve the education outcomes of students with vision impairments.  It started from the suggestions of teachers who were familiar with our Blindfold Games.

Here’s a quick video that describes how ObjectiveEd works:  https://youtu.be/x0B1grLwuj0

To help students with visual impairments during this crisis, ObjectiveEd is providing free access to their digital curriculum to schools and teachers to use with their students through the end of the current 2019/2020 school year.

Sign up at www.objectiveEd.com/distance



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