Title or Position: 
Speech Language Pathologist
Level of Students: 
CVI range 1-2 (low)
About Yourself: 

My name is Michelle Dynov and I am a practicing speech-language pathologist who has worked in various settings (in-patient, out-patient, early intervention, public schools, private practice). Currently, I work primarily with pediatrics in the public schools, as well as early intervention. My passion has always been in the area of AAC since graduate school. Since then, I have continued to work with infants and shcool-aged children with focus on providing them with accessible means of communication. A pivotal point for me was when my cousin gave birth to my niece who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Shortly after, she was also diagnosed with CVI. I am fortunate enough to have access and experience with this population. I strongly believe in family coaching and providing education to families. Specifically, I enjoy coaching and working collaboratively with other disciplines to provide necessary modifications and employ strategies that allow for optimal growth. It is essential to consistently collaborate with other professionals in the fields (OT, PT, VISION). I believe obtaining this certificate will allow me to continue to perfect my skills and add even more to my toolbox while serving children with multiple disabilities in relation to CVI.