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Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Level of Students: 
birth to 21
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I am a teacher of the blind and visually impaired who teaches children birth through 21 in Minnesota. I hold a masters degree in  visual impairments and another masters degree in music performance. My work experience includes being a private voice teacher, an instructor at summer youth programs for the Colorado Center for the Blind and a paraprofessional with Denver Public Schools. I grew up in Madison Wisconsin and received excellent education there through the public school system with the assistance of teachers of the blind and visually impaired and through the support of my parents. I am also blind, am married and have a two-year-old daughter. I have had three guidedogs through guidedogs for the blind and also use a cane. I love to learn and to teach and know that I want to be a resource for parents, teachers and students. I welcome comments on my posts and enjoy continuing learning and conversations about what I and others write. Thank you for reading.

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