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7th - 12th grade
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I am priviledged to teach science at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  I teach both middle school and high school students. 

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Observing Osmosis Published 08/31/2015
Tactile Graphic Organizers Published 08/11/2015
To Field Test or Not To Field Test? Published 08/03/2015
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Baking Soda and Vinegar's Reaction Published 07/14/2015
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Different Types of Chocolate Melting Published 07/07/2015
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Analyzing Bar and Pie Graphs Published 06/17/2015
Sense Organs- An Introduction Published 05/31/2015
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Light Theramin Published 05/24/2015
Scientific Method Review Published 05/22/2015
Seafloor Spreading Interactive Activity Published 05/12/2015
Laura's Thoughts on POSB Published 05/11/2015
Observing Progression from Flowers to Seeds Published 05/07/2015
Chemical or physical change? Published 05/03/2015
Dissection of a flower Published 05/01/2015
Use of a PIAF machine to produce tactile graphics for science Published 04/23/2015
Interactive Tactile Diagram of a Simple Circuit Published 04/23/2015
Use of an Adapted Simple Balance Published 04/14/2015
Tips for Reading Tactile Graphics in Science with a Focus on State Assessment Published 04/13/2015
Illustrating the Layers of the Earth Through Egg Dissection Published 04/10/2015
Hunger Games Published 04/08/2015
"Sound" Instruction Using an Online Hearing Test Published 04/08/2015
Modeling Clogged Arteries Published 04/07/2015
Digestive System Model Demonstrating Sequence and Length of Organs Published 03/31/2015
Earth and Moon: Student-Built Model Published 03/31/2015
How Does Sound Travel? Published 03/31/2015
Plate Tectonics - Edible model Published 03/23/2015
Friction of Different Surfaces - Lab Published 03/12/2015
Classification of Organisms: Interactive Model Published 03/09/2015
Volunteer Assistance with Science Projects Published 03/05/2015
Earth's Tectonic Plates: Interactive Model Published 03/04/2015
Phases of the Moon - Labeling Activity Published 03/02/2015
Adapted 3-Variable Formula Triangle Published 03/02/2015
Carnivore? Herbivore? or Omnivore? Published 03/01/2015
Student-Built Model of Bacterial Cell Shapes Published 02/18/2015
Punnett Square Tactile Graphic Aid Published 02/17/2015
Tactile Model of Mendelian Trait in Pea Plants Published 02/13/2015
Sun- Earth-Moon-System Model Published 01/31/2015
Collaboration with Other Professionals Published 01/27/2015
Moon Phases - Tactile Graphic Published 01/18/2015
Phases of the Moon - Active Model Published 01/13/2015
Modeling Endocytosis and Exocytosis Published 01/12/2015
Modeling Chromosomal Mutations Published 01/09/2015
Simple Model of a Chromosome Published 01/06/2015
Parts of a Microscope - Lab Published 01/04/2015
Using Real and Relative Distance to Teach Science Concepts Published 12/08/2014