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7th - 12th grade
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I am priviledged to teach science at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  I teach both middle school and high school students. 

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The Monstrous Mentos Explosion Published 07/11/2016
Baking Soda and Vinegar Reactions Published 07/01/2016
Marble Raceway: Investigating The Effect of Size on Speed Published 07/01/2016
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Can a Taste Make Your Heart Race? Published 06/03/2016
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Shape of the Earth with 2-D and 3-D Models: Practicing Tactile Graphics Published 05/12/2016
Encouraging Independent Living Skills in the Science Lab Published 05/11/2016
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Features of Waves Using Wikki Stix Published 04/25/2016
Adapting a Scientific Talking Calculator for Easier Use Published 04/20/2016
Heat Transfer through Popping Popcorn Published 04/05/2016
DNA - Blueprint for Life: Intro to Gene Expression Published 03/29/2016
Find Out from Students Why YOU Should Send Your Students to Space Camp! Published 03/23/2016
Using Song in Science Instruction Published 03/17/2016
Interactive Atom Activity Part 2: Using the APH Periodic Table Published 03/07/2016
Inspiring Story of Trevor Thomas, a Hiker Who Is Blind Published 03/02/2016
Apparent vs. Absolute Magnitude of Stars- Interactive Model Published 03/01/2016
Plant Parts Put to Song Published 02/29/2016
Relating Tides to the Moon Phases Published 02/19/2016
Earth's Rotation Causes Day and Night - Interactive model Published 02/17/2016
Rotation and Revolution of the Moon: Active Model Published 02/16/2016
Tidal Cycles: Interactive Model Published 02/10/2016
Inquiry-Based Learning: What is it, Why use it, and How? Published 02/09/2016
Scientific Method Intro - Inquiry Lab Published 02/07/2016
Student with Visual Impairments Discusses Space Camp Published 01/26/2016
Measuring Velocity: An active model Published 01/24/2016
The Science of Tea: Reviewing Energy Transfer Published 01/21/2016
Reading for All Students: Finding the Right Text Published 01/12/2016
Interactive Atom Building Activity Published 01/11/2016
What will a magnet stick to? Published 12/30/2015
Using the APH Periodic Table to Determine Valence Electrons Published 12/15/2015
States of Matter Introduction: Simple Hands-On Activity Published 12/14/2015
Exploring the Structure and Function of a White Cane Published 12/11/2015
Experimental Error by Design Published 12/08/2015
Using an Active Model to Measure Speed Published 12/04/2015
Rate of Reaction Lab Published 12/02/2015
Graphing with APH Graphic Aid in Science Published 11/17/2015
Science in Action with Mr. Killebrew on the SOFIA mission Published 11/09/2015
Balancing Chemical Equations Using a Tactual Model Published 11/06/2015
Review of atom concepts with the AZER atomic model and the APH Periodic Table Published 10/19/2015
Volume Lab Published 10/14/2015
Atomic Number and Mass Number with the APH Azer Model Published 10/13/2015
Atom Cannot Be Divided Published 10/09/2015
Periodic Table Introduction Using a Calendar Published 10/08/2015
Supporting English Language Arts Skills in Science Published 10/07/2015
APH Periodic Table Reference Booklet - Easier access Published 10/05/2015
Question Wall Published 09/23/2015
Tasting What You Smell Published 09/15/2015
Who Are the Scientists with a Visual Impairment? Published 09/11/2015
Effective Science Instruction for Students Who Are Deafblind Published 09/10/2015
Feeling Rock: A Hands-On Rock Cycle Activity Published 09/08/2015
Adaptations for Braille and Large Print Rulers Published 09/07/2015
Cellular Respiration - Kinesthetic Activity Published 09/05/2015
Table of Contents Activity Published 09/03/2015