Diane Brauner

Diane Brauner
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Manager, Paths to Technology
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I am the manager of the Paths to Technology website and I collaborate on a variety of educational assistive technology projects, including training TVIs on iPad accessibility. I am also a COMS with 25 years experience who loves to integrate assistive technology into O&M lessons.


Posts by Diane Brauner

Article Published Date Created
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SeeNow: On-line Vision Simulator Published 03/08/2017
BrailleEasy: A One-Handed Braille Keyboard iOS App Published 03/08/2017
Creating Digital Accessible Materials Workshop Published 03/06/2017
Creating an Accessible Table in Word Published 03/03/2017
Microsoft Accessibility: A look Back and a Look Ahead Published 03/02/2017
Creating a Word Document on a Mac with VoiceOver: Video Tutorial Published 03/01/2017
'Tell Me' Feature: Outlook 2016 and JAWS Published 03/01/2017
KNFB Instructional Videos Published 02/28/2017
Select Text Quickly: iOS Published 02/28/2017
Window-Eyes Screen Reader: Free to Microsoft Users Published 02/27/2017
Blindfold Bowling: iOS spatial concepts app Published 02/27/2017
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