"Cooking Without Looking" written in print and Braille with animated icons of silverware, a white cane, apron, and blind chef.
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Cooking Without Looking!

We represent the College Transition Academy through the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind. The College Transition Academy is comprised of students ranging from juniors in high school to college sophomores. The purpose of the CTA is to help us to gain skills that will prepare us for adult life. The class meets over Zoom once per week, and each week the instructors discuss a different topic of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

As a final project, we have researched various meal kit services and selected one to test out for a month! From there, we will use our cooking experiences to create a virtual, accessible Cook Book that will hopefully help other blind and visually impaired individuals to gain confidence in the kitchen! Join us each week as we share our Cooking Adventures with you; disucssing our sucesses, our challenges, and how we manage to problem solve in the kitchen using assistive technology and the Expanded Core Curriculum!

Now that our Meal Kit Adventure has come to an end, we are excited to continue to keep blogging for all of you-but to expand our topics! As four blind young adults, we have had our fair share of challenges and successes in many areas. we have developed tips and tricks for living life with a vision impaiarment and we can't wait to share them all with you! From assistive technology, to social life- the talking points are endless! heck back with us each week for more exciting stories about living life with a vision impairment!

Meet the Bloggers!

Casey- a visually impaired college sophomore who not only loves cooking, but loves food!

Conner- a totally blind student who also goes by "The Chinese Eating Machine"!

Hannah- a deafblind high school student who loves cooking!

Frankie Ann- a legally blind graduate student studying to get her Master's in VRT/O&M who loves to get creative in the kitchen!

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