Christine Sauvé
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Teacher consultant for the deafblind
Level of Students: 
Age 0 to 21 - all CVI Phases
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I am a deablind resource consultant since 2000 and in the field of deafblindness since 1995, at Centre Jules-Léger (Provincial School) situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In my job, I support kids from birth to age 21, all over the Province of Ontario. I am also a professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, where I teach a three part course on Deafblindness. 

I would say the majority of my students have CVI but many are undiagnosed.  Dr. Roman's CVI fist book on Assessment came out just when I needed it because I was looking at ways to assess and provide personalised accommodations for the students with CVI. This is when I discovered the CVI Range and the 10 caracteristics of CVI.  In my 25 years in the field, I have supported kids in all Phases.  The CVI Range was often my 'go to' to ensure to adapt accommodations and set knew IEP goals.  I am usually the one training parents, teachers, and staff where I consult. I have taken all the CVI Perkins courses I could !  The next logical step is to get the Roman Endorsement! 

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