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I am a 35 year Veteran TVI who decided to go into the field when I was 16 years old. My experiences as a babysitter for a blind infant steered my path in tothe world of education for the blind and visually impaired. I graduated from SFSU in 1985 with a VI credential and a Masters degree in Special Education. Teaching blind/VI students is my passion!

I have worked as an SCC teacher for preschoolers and students K-1st grade, The bulk of my VI experience has been as an itinerant teacher in both Sacramento and Elk Grove, California. I work with a team of four other TVI/O&Ms .  I have a caseload or ~30 students  and  am in charge of assessing all the incoming three-year-olds. My latest interest is in Active Learning and students who have CVI. 

I am a mother of two daughters and grandmother to  3 beautiful grandchildren. I enjoy teaching and running Canine Agility in my free time.I also enjoy cooking and eating and love incorporating food into my lessons. Often I can connect with students through shared favorite foods. A favorite food bridges the gaps of age, ability, language /communication skills and visual impairment.

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Braille Reading Activity: Pizza! Published 06/10/2020