Making an appointment by phone for a medical service

By Billie Dolan on Jan 09, 2017

The student will schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning.  She will practice skills needed to budget personal time; organize transportation to and from her appointment and plan for the costs of personal health care. Students will practice their:

  •  Ability to search for information on internet
  • Knowledge of transportation options from home to given destination
  • Ability to use telephone for business purposes
  • Ability to use iPhone calendar


  1. The student will determine what dentist in her area she would like to see for a dental cleaning by asking friends or by calling 1-800-Dentist or by using the Google search engine on her iPhone.
  2. The student researches some prospective dentists' names, phone numbers and addresses.  
  3. The student and teacher role play the question and answer phone conversation with the teacher playing the part of the dental office receptionist; this helps the student anticipate further information she will need to secure in order to make the appointment, i.e., insurance information if applicable and the cost in time and money necessary for a dental cleaning.
  4. The student will need to refer to her personal iPhone calendar to determine dates she will be available for an appointment.
  5. The student will then need to make arrangements for transportation to the appointment.


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