Experiencing Nature

By Denise Fitzgerald on Feb 27, 2015

There are many ways for youth with visual impairments to have meaningful experiences out in nature.  This includes being around animals, working with plants and flowers, or generally being outdoors.  As with other types of experiences, it is important to match the individual's interest and skills with available opportunities.  There is always a way to create a job that fits an individual need!

Jobs at the Zoo

Wildlife Interpreter:  

  • Read and study or retain or access information about animals from animal fact sheets and present information to zoo visitors.  
  • Student must be comfortable speaking to the public and demonstrate the ability to study information on designated fact sheets, develop a script about the animal or exhibit, and initiate public speaking at the exhibit.

Jobs at the Farm

Students cleaning animal pen


Animal Care Assistant:  

  • Clean cages and animal bedding
  • Clean and replenish food and water bowls






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Total Life Learning by Wendy Bridgeo,‎ Beth Caruso,‎ & Mary Zatta

Cover of Total Life Learning

The Total Life Learning curriculum was developed for students ages 3 to 22 who are blind, visually impaired including those students who have additional disabilities or are deafblind. The focus is on the development of life and career goals that enable student to maximize independence, self-determination, employability, and participation in the community.