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Twas the Night Before Christmas and Frosty the Snowman
A guide to finding audio described movies on in flight entertainment.
Looking for an accessible music app?
How I use the MyMathLab software with assistive technology in my college math classes.
A solution to the problem of Excel spreadsheets not reading column and row headings for particular cells for the visually impaired
Use cool emojis to help teach social skills!
Using HTML numeric representations of numbers, the visually impaired can see colors on web pages.

Monika Jones, of the Brain Recovery Project, shares information presented at the 2018 AER International Conference.

Here is an idea to help streamline your progress monitoring paperwork!
How to read handwriting and handwritten notes using technology.

There are two sessions in this module that will focus on assistive technology can be used to increase the academic and functional abilities of students

Aeden learns how to turn speech on and off and, he learns about titles.
This article, orbit Reader Part 5, will focus on translating files created on the Orbit into print.
P2T is launching a newsletter!
This initial installment in the series lays the groundwork for teaching your student to increase their auditory reading speed.
Interested in coding?

During this 1 1/2 hour webinar, Karen Barrows will discuss working with children who have CVI

How Microsoft Immersive reader revolutionizes reading for people with print disabilities.
Learn more about the concept of Blind Coding Academies.
How to use the free Hopscotch Coding App to learn programming concepts and promote STEM education.
New gem packs available for Blindfold Color Crush Game!
Using the SoloLearn app to learn programming skills and stand out when applying for jobs. Great for college students!
Here are two tips for making iOS voiceover work a little better for you if you pair your device with a braille display or a keyboard.
This mainstream coding app is accessible!
Why and how I use the Free software in my programming classes as a low vision student.
How and why to participate in Hour of Code with assistive technology, from a vision impaired college student studying it.
As a blind professional working in the sighted world, I have learned that reading speed makes the difference between success and failure.
This third grade student created a digital book about her dog.
Educational technology is a powerful tool but cannot by itself promote learning and increase student achievement; AT does level the playing field
WebbIE is a free text-only web browser for the visually impaired. WebbIE browses web pages, searches the web, allows for filling in forms, ecommerce, etc.
This post describes the "More Trucks HD" app, which the author has used successfully with students of varying ages and developmental levels.
Here is a fully accessible periodic table with links to more information.
How to write Alt Text and image descriptions for your instagram posts. Great for business and personal accounts.

Support students’ pathways to success through this facilitated approach that empowers the student to lead the team

Ballyland Code is an accessible app that teaches beginning coding concepts for young children!
In honor of my 300th blog post and my website's 2nd birthday, here are ways to incorporate assertive technology with limited funding.
This article will focus on editing basics of selecting, cutting, and copying text.

Creating quality IEPs will foster visual improvements and recognition of materials and learning sequences.

Learning kindergarten sight words in large print and braille using teacher-created ePub books.
Help your student learn social skills!
The Scanjig document stand is a great way to foster independence within the classroom.
Learn more about how you can add audio descriptions to your videos!
A resource is shared that outlines the software and steps needed to produce Nemeth Code quickly on the computer

There are 2 sessions included in this training module that demonstrate theories and best practices for independent living.

A quick list of the most common file formats, what they are used for, and example use cases.
Teach your student how to create line charts that show the stock price of a company over time.
Read accessible digital line charts using a special type of line chart called a stock chart which displays the price of a company's stock price over time.
Teach your student how to create and share a simple accessible digital bar chart using the Digital Transitions Fall Leaves activity.
Teach your students how to read bar charts using examples that compare planets in our solar system.
A recap of Grace Hopper 2018 and what I took away from the conference.