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Transition advice and resources from successful college students who are blind!
Practice reading comprehension skills with this fun twist on the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem.
Here are ten questions to ask when changing your college major, and what to do after changing your major, from someone who did it three times.
A basic, step by step approach to creating Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations using JAWS for the blind and visually impaired.
Introduction to a GLAS and the first in an exciting series of accessible, hands-on astronomy-related posts!
Create exciting video stories VI and O&M activities!
Use these entertaining questions for hilarious discussions and/or silly writing prompts for Position Papers.
TVIs, are you looking for fun and inexpensive gift ideas to give your students?
What kind of shenanigans can this cute kitty get into at Christmas time?
Here are additional number line activities and concepts; including how number lines can help with braille reversals!
Their computer tech goals for preschoolers?!?

From Hospital to Home: Using Early Visual Functioning to Support Families

Learn about planets with CosmoBally in this fun interactive space-themed story!
Google Maps, a web-based service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and navigation now has voice guidance.
'Tis the Season - are you looking for gift ideas?

Help enhance your Math Teaching!
March 7th 2020  

9:00am- Noon

Cosmic Numbers is an accessible number line created to teach basic digital number lines skills for students who are visually impaired.
Students and teachers: Learn about basic iOS accessibility features.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to effectively and accurately use FVE and LMAs 

Matt Tietjen provides an overview of designing a school day for a child with CVI

Review of the first two apps: Speed Gesture and Sound Search.
How my brother and I worked together to created audio description for a music video, using the song, "Me!" by Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie.
Introducing addition and subtraction to a young braille student using a number line.
Searching for Paths to Technology posts on accessible coding concepts and coding? Check out this reference list!
Simple fun ways to adapt and teach basic number line concepts to a young braille student.
Improve your student's braille with the option to automatically refresh the braille line & TVIs have access to data about their student's reading habits!
Learn about how to recognize phishing attempts and how people with vision impairments can protect themselves against phishing attacks.
This emerging reader is learning to read in three mediums: magnified print, braille and auditory.
Design and construct your tactile city and then navigate the Sphero robotic ball to various destinations!
Create Chromebook keyboard shortcut commands for students who have limited motor skills using Shortkeys extension!
This unique platform enables teachers in inclusive classrooms to interact seamlessly with blind students.
Using VoiceOver for typing: input and output.
Using holiday poems to teach technology skills.
What to do, when? Order of coding concept activities and skills.
Using Specdrums by Sphero to develop independence on braille cell concept for emergent braillers.
How I configure my CentOS computer in my data science classroom lab for low vision accessibility.

What does a school district need to know about the needs of students who are blind or visually impaired?

Earn ACVREP/CATIS credits through this collection of our AT tutorials

Earn ACVREP/CATIS credits through this collection of our ECC tutorials

Earn ACVREP/CATIS credits through this collection of our Literacy tutorials



Simple techniques and shortcuts to easily access web content with common browsers and a screen reader.
In spite of vast technological innovation, a significant portion of the BVI populations’ technology use lags significantly behind the general population
How to configure mouse pointers and cursors for users with low vision on Windows 10, as well as make computer mice easier to use.
Solutions and IEP goals for a student who struggles with writing using traditional braille methods.
Learn more about ocular albinism through the eyes of an 8 year old!
Accessibyte has been in the process of developing a new all online experience. In this article, we explore all that Accessibyte Online has to offer!
Combine hands-on activities with digital bar charts with these fun fall activities!