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Seeking general education teacher who is familiar with technology standards.
Have you discovered TpT - teacher-created resources for teachers?
Video tutorials for Orion TI-84, abacus, JAWS, and iOS designed for students!

Tina L. Gutierrez discusses teaching Strategies and Resources for Sensorimotor Stage Learners.  

BrailleSense Polaris firmware upgrade
Have you tried Braille AI Tutor - it's perfect for virtual instruction!
Learn how to convert inaccessible PDFs accessible with a screen reader!
My Tips for practicing self-advocacy skills in the virtual classroom, and how to self-advocate in remote learning environments.
Here is a 'generic' checklist that works with any braille notetaker!
Social distancing? No problem! Play these games through Zoom!
Check out these teacher-created videos for students with CVI!
Ray Campbell, Senior Accessibility Analyst in Digital Technology at United Airlines, is interviewed by Mohammed.
Replace poor quality photos of print worksheets with scanned PDFs using your iPhone.
JAWS Tandem enables "hands-on" remote JAWS training!
Reflections from TVIs on the impact of virtual classrooms and remote instruction for students with VIB after the first couple of weeks of school closures.
How I use the free Socratic app for iOS and Android to get homework help and better understand topics related to science, math, history & English.
This workbook series focuses on iOS accessibility features; post #5 is dedicated to the Zoom feature.
Check out this cool O&M game by ObjectiveEd!
TVIs, are you looking for tech support and free accessible subscriptions to support your virtual instruction?
Try these virtual audio lessons that teach adaptive daily living skills - including basic O&M skills!
So your students things they want a guide dog? Join this online workshop!
Tips on how to set your Zoom sessions to keep them private.
This video tutorial demonstrates how to teach your student to use Screen Recording while using Voiceover
Use your library card to access books, movies, music and TV with the Hoopla app.
This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the built-in screen recording function on your iOS device to support remote student learning.
Learn how to probe the polar surface with this hands-on science activity.
Áine Kelly-Costello, a student of Investigative Journalism, Paralympian, writer, and advocate is interviewed by Sienna.
Ms. Madelyn Stafford, a Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired, is interviewed by Mohammed.
Testing common screen readers for navigation in Google Classrooms and a recommendation of the best option, Google ChromeVox
A narrative of how our BVI school quickly chose a Learning Management System for immediate use in this new age of a pandemic.
Download these free digital books/PDFs designed specifically for students with CVI!
Is your student completing assignment in braille during COVID-19 school closures?
Ballyland iOS apps are fully accessible iOS apps for young students with visual impairments - offered at no cost from April 1, 2020!
Astronauts reading space-themed books from the International Space Station!
Here are terrific, teacher-created videos for students with CVI!
Join these lively virtual meetings on O&M-related topics!
Just released - an exciting, fully accessible app for students who are emerging or beginner readers!
A day in the life of Crosby and the college student who is raising him!
These amazing virtual academies are available to students everywhere!
Tips for maximizing remote video instruction for students with CVI.
Claire Stanley, a lawyer and advocacy expert for the American Council for the Blind, is interviewed by Elle.
Unable to teach face-to-face O&M lessons? What are current expectations for O&Ms and what virtual resources are available?
Dr. Cynthia Bennette, postdoctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, is interviewed by Sienna.
Here are my favorite tips for attending live video lectures and synchronous virtual classes without falling asleep or getting distracted.
Mr. Mark Richert, Esq., the Interim Executive Director of AERBVI, is interviewed by Mohammed.
This TVI shares her experiences setting up and using remote learning tools with students who are visually impaired or blind.
Learn how to get started with Objective Ed, a fully accessible digital curriculum for students with VIB - it's free during school closures!
This vivacious fourth grader created a video demonstrating how she uses block coding in the Swift Playgrounds app.
This vivacious fourth grader created a video to share her love of coding with other students who are visually impaired.
Improve your student's tech skills during school closures.