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Resources for students with visual impairments in all areas and grade levels of Science education.

Introducing VoiceOver to students? Check out these VoiceOver gesture teaching strategies and apps!
What does Emma think about the ECC area of O&M?
What are the "must haves" for a home learning space in case students do not go back to the classroom?

Mark your calendar and join the live webinar, Wednesday, July 29, 2020 1:00-2:00pm eastern

How to introduce non-visual digital maps to an elementary student and the first in a progressive series of orientation lessons.
Accessible, interactive digital maps for early elementary students? Absolutely!
Learn how to use the non-visual digital maps without a screen reader!

Enjoy our virtual conference presentations, with the option to earn Professional Development Points or Continuing Education Credits

How to unapologetically ask your professors to help over email and get what you want.
We are sad to say that our month of Meal Kit fun has come to an end... but that doesn't mean our blogging has to! Find out what our next topic will be!!
Emma shares her experiences with the ECC area, Assistive Technology.
Quickly create customized, accessible digital maps that students can use to build mental maps and answer map-related educational questions.

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Let's play Bocce - a fun outdoor summer game!
This post describes a method for using a shared document for students to document their independent work.
This post describes an activity that allows instructors and students to work together to create and post online quizzes.
An overview of Splashtop secure remote access software for education
How to teach computer technology remotely successfully.

Exploration of considerations for distance learning

This tutorial examines the importance of including the expanded core curriculum for students with CVI in their IEPs.

Eight different high tech and no tech ways to create an accessible formula sheet for students with print disabilities.
Hear what Emma thinks about the the ECC area, Sensory Efficiency.
This user-friendly update streamlines the process of creating and opening non-visual digital maps!

Overarching Principles and practical advice

CVI for the TVI webinar

This blog describes my initial thoughts on the Mantis Q40
A refresher on special education law as it relates to students on IEPs.

There are many benefits for teachers to upgrade their instructional practice to embrace 21st Century teaching

Hear what Emma thinks about the the ECC area, Compensatory Access.
The webinar recording on using SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps - fully accessible non-visual digital maps - is now available!
Things are heating up!
Why do students who are visually impaired need to be able to draw items for educational purposes?
What should or should not be included when creating a non-visual digital map?
Travel through space with this fully accessible exhilarating coding concept app!
This is the first in a series about the Expanded Core Curriculum from Emma's insightful perspective.
Why does a non-visual map look different than a visual map?
Need help identifying something, reading a prescription or access to other visual information? Use Zoom!

Exploration of considerations for distance learning

Motivate your braille reader with menus, recipes or other highly preferred reading materials!
Whether you have a disability or other debilitating condition,the No Barriers Virtual Summit will help you find opportunity even in the midst of adversity.
Our chefs have made it to their third week of cooking! They are serving up another week of tips and tricks.... and now things are really heating up!
Dr. Kirk Adams, President and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind, is interviewed by Mohammed.
Why Students with disabilities and chronic illness should get a disability services file in college, and how they are helpful to have.
Did the non-visual map and remote lesson make a difference in this student's O&M skills?
Is your font too small? Learn how to change the font settings on iOS.
A graduating high school senior builds a mental map of Elon University using a digital map and a virtual O&M lesson.
Check out these two books: Fruits and Vegetables