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Learn how to use a Braille Display to read a teacher-created book!
This app addresses the issue of teaching number line concepts in a digital format.
Check out this OCR app that was created specifically for users with visual impairments!
This article will focus exclusively on the Braille Trail Reader LE (recently made available on APH Quota).
As an example of the rapid pace of change in technology, a search for instructions using Google Docs revealed some outmoded examples
This app addresses the issue of how to make digital lines accessible to students who are visually impaired.

This tutorial is a case study on the approach used to teach literacy skills to a kindergarten student with Phase III CVI.

Have you tapped into your local university's knowledge and computer science skills?
The Swift Playgrounds puzzle world is laid out in a 3D 5x5 grid (includes height). To write the code, you need to understand the grid layout.
This article features an overview of TypeAbility from Yesaccessible!
Learn all about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the soldiers who guard it!
Follow Jen as she shares her experience of getting a new guide dog.
Can this fun game be used for educational purposes?
Aeden learns to pair and check that his Braille Display is talking/conversing with his iPad.
Perkins Podcasts!

Explain the benefits of playing games with your students

Tech provides students with visual impairments with the tools that will take them into the 21 century.
This app is a FUN way to learn iOS gestures, listening skills and increasing auditory processing!
How and why travelers with visual impairments should know about the Share My Location feature.
A free accessible digital cat book.

Marguerite will review the complications that complex environments pose for children who have CVI

In order to use a screen reader like JAWS, you need to know the basics to navigation.
The Freedom Scientific Ruby 7 HD has a great combination of features that are ideal for students who have low vision.
Braille Beetle: fourth installment in a series of articles describing a variety of braille displays, pointing out the advantages of each unit.
Consider this AAC app for students with multiple disabilities who are approaching transition.
Have you tried this multi-modal AAC App?

The transition from special education to post school life presents significant challenges to students, their families and their educational teams.

Wearable technology (finger rings) that turn color into musical sounds!
A brief examination of the cost of Microsoft Office and alternatives for a VI student.

This one-hour webinar is a case study on the approach used to teach literacy skills to a kindergarten student with Phase III CVI.

The split tap will quickly become your favorite gesture!
Information on how to add enhanced voices in schools that do not allow in-app purchases.
My proposed outline for a website that supports students with vision impairments in pursuing higher education.
This fun cause-and-effect app c es of s animal names, sounds and and basic tech skills.
Are you using podcasts as a learning tool?
Teach coding concepts with this fun hands-on coding activity!
Eight things I'm glad my TVI did to help me prepare to attend a four-year college, and the weird ways they helped me to prepare for anything. offers free and royalty free sound effects for download in either wav or mp3 format.

Software developer and entrepreneur Marty Schultz demonstrates electronic game applications to teach skill areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum

3 topics are included in this training that demonstrate the use of Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems for children who are d

This tutorial will provide an overview of how Audio Supported Reading (ASR) can meet the challenges of students with print-related disabilities

Ten things that I wish my teacher of the visually impaired would have taught me about transitioning to a four-year college with low vision.
Current bug-work around and strategies for overcoming software bugs.
The third in a series that describes a variety of braille displays, pointing out the advantages of each unit. This article features the HIMS Braille Edge.
Try this accessible coding activity with your students!
Finding solutions to common technology problems facing Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments.
Here are accessible ePub books for beginning readers!
Try this simple and inexpensive communication app!
I will be taking on a personal project aiming to provide clear, concise explanations of various settings within JAWS, based on my experiences.