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The most common approved classroom accommodations for low vision - great for new students or going to college.
Lesson to teach students who use a screen reader how to access and create "comments" when collaborating with peers.
Your opinions, suggestions and experiences are important!
Here is an easy-to-follow video tutorial created by a student to help you or your student get started with Docs using VoiceOver!
Are your students tuned in to current events? Here's a resource for you!
Here are my tips for how to come up with sample disability accommodations that are likely to be approved for an IEP, 504 Plan or Disability file.
Classrooms are evolving and the model of experts providing virtual instruction for AT, digital math and computer science to BLV students is thriving!
Check out these Tech Lessons and Strategies blog posts for Word Processing!
Use these maps to follow the current war in Ukraine.
Encourage creativity and problem-solving during free play with Code and Go Robot Mouse!
Quick video that explains interstate numbering systems!
Join this global group!
This video tutorial goes over the basics and advanced navigation commands!
Learn arctic animal fun facts while practicing JAWS commands to navigate a spreadsheet!
James interviews Jen Armbruster, an inclusive recreational and fitness coordinator and USA goal ball medalist.
Creating tech savvy JAWS users! Use the JAWS activities/information linked in this post and keep a record with the checklist!
This is a book trailer and review for the book "Access Technology for Blind and Low Vision Accessibility" by Yue-Ting Siu and Ike Presley.
How to use the free Shadow Puppet app and Shadow Puppet EDU App to create video tutorials with video, audio & images that can be viewed anywhere.
Watch this recorded webinar!
Learn all about Chromebook with the ChromeVox screen reader with this video tutorial!
Which periodic table is best for your student?
Looking for a fully accessible board game? Try out this 3D printed version of Aggravation!
Create your own CVC Wordle puzzles and strategies for making Wordle accessible!
What do YOU want to learn today?
Create tactile stickers for classmates to use to make accessible Valentine's Day cards!
Can you imagine books professionally narrated with audio descriptions and ASL interpreters?
Instantly listen to printed sheet music!
What is YOUR ideal line (width, shading and texture) for teacher-created tactile images using a PIAF or Swell machine?
Learn the work around for this issue!
Learn how to use Braille Math Editor, a recent JAWS feature, with a braille display to complete math assignments using Nemeth code.
Use your logical thinking skills to win!

Improve your scoring of The CVI Range, with Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy

Design and implement an augmentative and alternative communication system (AAC) for individuals with Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)

An inclusive overview of cortical/cerebral visual impairment

Unscramble this story plot and practice navigating commands, cut and paste.

Use the "What's the Complexity" Framework to design a visually accessible school day for for children with CVI.

An in-depth exploration of the brain and cortical/cerebral visual impairment

Support literacy achievement for students in late Phase II through Phase III who are ready to learn to read print

Learn more about basic lighting terms for low vision and how I configure lighting in my room as a person with low vision.
Does your student know how and when to turn grammatical error announcements on and off?
Having trouble with all the clutter on website articles? This video tutorial will show how to eliminate the extra buttons, ads, and columns!
Video tutorials about how visually impaired users browse the web with various accessibility tools.
Do you - or your student - need help with Nemeth Code? Check out Project Inspire!
Jose interviews Mrs. Penn Street, development and outreach director for audio information network.
Hands-on, reading comprehension, and tech skills are all rolled into these snowman activities!
This comprehensive braille curriculum has braille overlays and tactile braille manipulatives!

#29 in the CVI for the TVI webinar series

#29 in the CVI for the TVI webinar series

JAWS lesson plans organized by tasks complete with vocabulary terms, commands and activities!
Check out these Tech Lessons and Strategies blog posts for the Basic Operations!