Visual Impairment and Blindness

Improve your scoring of The CVI Range, with Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy

Use the "What's the Complexity" Framework to design a visually accessible school day for for children with CVI.

A CVI tutorial addressing questions about co-occurring ocular conditions and CVI

An accessible cell phone with buttons for people who are blind or visually impaired.
Welcome to thirteenth episode of the It’s My Job podcast. Jose is a transition student from Colorado interviewing Lori Scharff from New York.
Author, poet and retired family therapist Annie Chiappetta is interviewed by Jose
Strategies for introducing an iPhone with VoiceOver to an adult family member who recently lost his/her vision
This blog post will cover some tips for efficient navigation throughout Microsoft Teams

Support the educational needs of students with Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)

Quick Assist provides a simple, free, built-in distance troubleshooting option for vision professionals and students who use Windows computers.
Computers running Windows offer a highly capable and accessible platform suitable for facilitating virtual learning.
We are sad to say that our month of Meal Kit fun has come to an end... but that doesn't mean our blogging has to! Find out what our next topic will be!!
An overview of Splashtop secure remote access software for education
How to teach computer technology remotely successfully.
This blog describes my initial thoughts on the Mantis Q40
Whether you have a disability or other debilitating condition,the No Barriers Virtual Summit will help you find opportunity even in the midst of adversity.

Participants will learn about the Sensorimotor Stage of Development,the Van Dijk Approach,levels of learning in the Sensory Learning Kit and more.

A story of our virtual graduation speaker, one of the most adventurous and brave blind persons to have ever lived and our virtual field trip.
A narrative about creating a virtual graduation for a school of the blind and visually impaired
Take a minute to read about the four fabulous student chefs who will be sharing their stories exploring AT, practicing the ECC, and more in the kitchen!
Learn how to use free apps to create engaging digital content for students with CVI!
Set yourself and your low vision student up for success when working with Chromebooks!
Snap and Read is a browser based tool that has many useful features for the visually impaired, notably CVI, but it is not accessible for blind students.
Try these virtual audio lessons that teach adaptive daily living skills - including basic O&M skills!
This video tutorial demonstrates how to teach your student to use Screen Recording while using Voiceover
Phonetic Announcement is both a useful feature and an annoying one
A curriculum for a basic middle to high school computer course
Basic Windows keyboard shortcuts that have been most helpful for quickly and efficiently teaching BVI k-12 students to navigate and use Windows

From Hospital to Home: Using Early Visual Functioning to Support Families

From Hospital to Home: Using Early Visual Functioning to Support Families

What does a school district need to know about the needs of students who are blind or visually impaired?

Simple techniques and shortcuts to easily access web content with common browsers and a screen reader.
In spite of vast technological innovation, a significant portion of the BVI populations’ technology use lags significantly behind the general population
VoiceOver may be enabled on your iOS device, yet it may be stuck with its volume off.

Ellen Mazel discusses UMass Boston's Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) courses

A review of 5 of the most common screen readers for persons who may know little about screenreaders but need some insights.
A brief examination of research that explores the relationship between self-determination and computer aided instruction (CAI).
Where does the national shortage of TVIs and schools merge brilliantly? The answer is quite simply, Career Day!
Experiences and suggestions for teaching keyboarding to Pre-K and early elementary BVI students in a group class (computer lab)setting.
UEB Online’s new Braille mathematics program introduces students to Braille mathematical symbols and expressions.
A brief examination of a couple of websites that offer accessible, online text only games.
Once you have opened up a program, you will want to know how to navigate around its menu bars.
In order to use a screen reader like JAWS, you need to know the basics to navigation.
The Freedom Scientific Ruby 7 HD has a great combination of features that are ideal for students who have low vision.
A brief examination of the cost of Microsoft Office and alternatives for a VI student.
Use the Page Width Microsoft Word zoom setting to improve your visual access to documents without having to change the font size!
Converting a semi accessible .pdf textbook quiz into a completely accessible quiz in MS Word.
Remote Desktop Computer Lab Management Software can help create a more enjoyable learning experience for teachers and students
The BrailleNote Touch Plus was recently announced by Humanware