Orientation and Mobility

Free webinar on how to create and use accessible digital maps.
Free live webinars on ObjectiveEd braille games and O&M games!
Check out this cool O&M game by ObjectiveEd!
Try these virtual audio lessons that teach adaptive daily living skills - including basic O&M skills!
So your students things they want a guide dog? Join this online workshop!
Join these lively virtual meetings on O&M-related topics!
Unable to teach face-to-face O&M lessons? What are current expectations for O&Ms and what virtual resources are available?
Learn how to get started with Objective Ed, a fully accessible digital curriculum for students with VIB - it's free during school closures!
Looking for ideas on how to teach O&M virtually when schools are closed and students are staying home?
In this post I describe an activity using QR codes to create a scavenger hunt to find small metal turtle sculptures around a town.
Escape room activities are a fun way to develop team-building and other skills. This post describes an O&M-themed escape room activity.
Coding concept games are navigating through a maze; how can students with visual impairments access digital mazes?
Google Maps, a web-based service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and navigation now has voice guidance.
What to do, when? Order of coding concept activities and skills.

Earn ACVREP/CATIS credits through this collection of our AT tutorials

Here is a fun orientation lesson for October!
ten things to know about going to college with a blindness cane and learning to use a cane in college.
Seeing two of everything can be overwhelming. Here are ten things that I do to help minimize the effects of my double vision, and why.
How I learned to navigate my internship building with and without my blindness cane and human guides.
I'm not faking my vision impairment, here are seven places I don't use my blindness can and why.
Here is the third Ballyland Coding App - are you ready for a new challenge?
Teach coding concepts using familiar stories.
Google Celebrating Seiichi Miyake with a featured GIF of a cane traveler standing on truncated cones at a crosswalk.
Retrace your steps with Clew!
Apps and techniques I use on my phone to travel independently with a blindness cane on my college campus and beyond.
How Aira helps me independently navigate the airport and TSA with vision impairment.

During this 1 1/2 hour webinar, Karen Barrows will discuss working with children who have CVI

Ballyland Code is an accessible app that teaches beginning coding concepts for young children!
A tech savvy high school student with a vision impairment is leading the way!
Looking for a way to help motivate students to use great cane skills?

This chapter of the Educational Success program examines Orientation & Mobility

This presentation analyzes the different types of glare, and strategies for formally assessing each.

O&M lesson ideas to prepare for traveling with a dog.
This annotation app enables you to ERASE unwanted items!
Learn how to use the Compass app while running VoiceOver!
O&M resources are more than just tactile maps - check out this digital book/pdf that reinforces O&M concepts for a vocational student.
Learn how to create O&M books to help your student with memory issues learn his/her routes!
Does your student really understand measurement terms such as feet?
Using Pictello, an iPad, the P.I.A.F. and braille to create an O&M book for a 2 year old child who is totally blind child.
Using Google Earth to explore area and build a mental map.

This presentation analyzes the different types of glare, and strategies for formally assessing each.

Part of living on campus is being prepared for emergencies - make sure you know your campus alert system.
Lazarrio is a free navigation app similar to Blindsquare and Nearby Explorer. This article will explore the app in more detail.
O&M tips for students with low vision on navigating school hallways. Practice before the first day of school!
Visualize spatial relationships between places using a customized pushpin map!
Help peers learn about a long cane used by students with visual impairments through this free children's book!
Here is a cool magnifier O&M activity using an iPhone!
Using tinted glasses to manage chronic migraines and light sensitivity from Chiari Malformation.
Need a simple notification to alert you to your upcoming bus stop?
Creating layers on a digital map to show rooms, then adding a layer to show the routes!