Literacy and Braille

Why should braille students have tactile book covers and how do you make them?
Preposition and spatial concepts worksheets
This tool is an easy way to modify images for students with CVI or low vision.
Is your student using the accessible online Desmos Graphing Calculator?
Learn how ObjectiveEd games are beneficial for progress monitoring and IEP meetings!
Check out these interactive math concept games for preschoolers, kindergarten and first grade students!
AnimalWatch Vi has TWO fun math curriculums for students with visual impairments!
Free digital braille games!
Build vocabulary and reading comprehension using these amusing winter puns!
Learn more about reindeer!
These mischievous little elves are spreading smiles remotely!
Author, poet and retired family therapist Annie Chiappetta is interviewed by Jose
Students need strong fingers to produce braille using a Perkins and to create gestures used with technology!
NHH-BVI is providing FREE homework help for students with visual impairments!
Check out this Christmas-themed alphabet book for emerging readers!
Improve reading comprehension with this twisted holiday poem!
Touch typing should include the numeric keypad; does your student know and use the ten-key?
Create fun accessible books for the iPad that are EASY to navigate with VoiceOver and a Braille Display!

CVI for the TVI webinar series: November 2020

Need a lesson or have a lesson to share? Check out the Lesson Library!
Looking for a beginning braille letter app for young students?
Cool podcasts for kids - including educational podcasts and activities!

CVI for the TVI webinar series: September 2020

Creating simple emerging reader books about real items that a preschooler is familiar with and motivated by!
Farm lesson for elementary students which includes an accessible book, non-visual map, and activities!
Have a student who is interested in tractors and big equipment?
Learn about this app that reinforces braille literacy skills!
Follow Sadie, a beginner reader with CVI, through a series of lessons!
Down on the farm resources!
Here is an engaging sight word lesson that can be done in class or remotely!
Tactile stories done from a distance can be a challenge.
Singer/songwriter, author, and speaker Ginny Owens is interviewed by Elora
Looking for fun literacy activities that can be taught remotely?
Need free accessible digital materials? Check out Paths to Technology's new Resource Library!
Strategies, games and activities: a combination of braille, magnification and tech for an emerging reader!

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Exploration of considerations for distance learning

This blog describes my initial thoughts on the Mantis Q40

Exploration of considerations for distance learning

Motivate your braille reader with menus, recipes or other highly preferred reading materials!
Dr. Kirk Adams, President and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind, is interviewed by Mohammed.
Check out these two books: Fruits and Vegetables
Quick and easy method to create CVI-friendly videos using PowerPoint and two free web applications.
This manual will help you introduce iOS technology and VoiceOver to 3 to 8 year old students!
Practical and fun ways to teach braille, abacus, tech, and more to a 3rd grade student remotely!
Remote instructional video for parents and accessible book for students with CVI.