In this webcast, Lacey Smith talks about the challenges she experiences in transitioning her daughter from early childhood services to preschool.

This tutorial will focus on the following four areas to help you understand the impacts of CHARGE syndrome on child development.

This self-paced tutorial explores early childhood service delivery for young children who are blind or visually impaired.

This tutorial discusses the experiences of the families of children with disabilities, the relationships with the professionals who support them.

The tutorial discusses effective ways to teach others the power of the Expanded Core

Mary Alexander & Betsy Brint talk about teaching self-advocacy skills, social skills and the expanded core curriculum to ensure success in college.

Learners will be introduced to assessment and instructional strategies for teaching social skills to students with visual impairments.

In this tutorial, Steve Perreault talks about issues related to transition for students with deafblindness.

Presentation in Spanish (español) on working with brothers and sisters of children who are blind or who have multiple disabilities.

This tutorial demonstrate various issues that parents of blind or visually impaired children face as they assist their child in achieving success.

Careful assessment around 10 characteristics of CVI to help staff and parents understand the unique learning needs for each CVI Phase.

Make the most of dining out with your child with visual impairments using these simple tips!

This one-hour webinar presents a careful assessment around the 10 characteristics of CVI.