Early Childhood

Here is the third Ballyland Coding App - are you ready for a new challenge?
Teach coding concepts using familiar stories.
This app addresses the issue of teaching number line concepts in a digital format.
Can this fun game be used for educational purposes?
Aeden learns to pair and check that his Braille Display is talking/conversing with his iPad.
This app is a FUN way to learn iOS gestures, listening skills and increasing auditory processing!
A free accessible digital cat book.
This fun cause-and-effect app c es of s animal names, sounds and and basic tech skills.
Teach coding concepts with this fun hands-on coding activity!
Here are accessible ePub books for beginning readers!
Try this simple and inexpensive communication app!
Try this digital version of the classic Simon color/sound memory game!

Identify and practice ABA approaches that will support students who are visually impaired, blind, Deafblind or multiply disabled.

Use this fun cause-and-effect app to practice basic the tap gesture!
Learn more about the two braille displays that cost around $500.
Engaging app with 3 levels of progression, visual & audio feedback to learn to write upper & lower case letters & numbers. For students with low vision
Ballyland Code 2 is another accessible app that teaches beginning coding concepts to young children!
What are you doing for Dr. Seuss's birthday?
Take care of your virtual dog while learning to listen, problem-solve and sequence!
Oh those mischievous little leprechauns!
Aeden learns two-finger reading gestures.

Theories and best practices for early childhood for students with visual and additional disabilities

Love zany puns? This book or PDF is for you!
Braille Tutor is a new iOS app to learn/practice braille!

Monika Jones, of the Brain Recovery Project, shares information presented at the 2018 AER International Conference.

Monika Jones, of the Brain Recovery Project, shares information presented at the 2018 AER International Conference.

During this 1 1/2 hour webinar, Karen Barrows will discuss working with children who have CVI

We met with Ellen Mazel and she just said that everything's going to get better. Can you believe it?

WORKSHOP CANCELLED. How to successfully introduce iOS technology and to teach tech skills to toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten students with VIB.

This workshop will focus how to successfully introduce iOS technology and teach tech skills.


New Hampshire: 1 day workshop - October 26. The workshop will emphasize the foundation principles used to facilitate literacy skills in children with CVI.

Accessible Videos for young learners with Vision Impairments.
Match the animal with his home!
Play Hide and Seek with Peep and his friends!

Veronika Bernstein offers helpful strategies to address the challenges of developing good sleep habits in children with visual impairments.

Dr. Luisa Mayer of the New England Eye Institute at Perkins talks about the development of tests of visual acuity in babies through Preferential Looking.

Dr. Mayer discusses how she came to Children’s Hospital in Boston to work on the measurement of visual acuity in babies using the FPL and OPL techniques.

Check out these creative ideas for using audio labels with students!
BrailleBlox is available now!
Here is a new twist on using QR Codes!

This tutorial gives participants insight into the precious first days of premature newborns and the additional consideration that twins bring.

This tutorial focuses on birth to three orientation and mobility skills, such as hand positioning, crawling, standing, and walking.

In this webinar, Susan Abu-Jaber, focuses on birth to three orientation and mobility.

Presenters MaryAnne Roberto and Gunjan Rastogi-Wilson recount the journey of Krish, a tiny wide-eyed newborn with a powerful motivation to learn.

How to help young blind children explore and play with technology like their sighted peers!

In this video, Ellen Cadigan Mazel talks about color highlighting for children with Cortical Visual Impairment.

Learn how to implement RBEI principles and strategies and how to achieve "buy in" regarding ECC implementation.

Does your student love animal sounds? Use this adorable app to teach basic VoiceOver gestures!

This tutorial provides information for parents and caregivers to help them understand what -- and how -- children with cerebral or CVI see.

This tutorial discusses the challenges, resources, science and strategy of raising a child with cortical/cerebral visual impairment.