Early Childhood

From Hospital to Home: Using Early Visual Functioning to Support Families

Matt Tietjen provides an overview of designing a school day for a child with CVI

Review of the first two apps: Speed Gesture and Sound Search.
Introducing addition and subtraction to a young braille student using a number line.
Searching for Paths to Technology posts on accessible coding concepts and coding? Check out this reference list!
Simple fun ways to adapt and teach basic number line concepts to a young braille student.
This emerging reader is learning to read in three mediums: magnified print, braille and auditory.
Using holiday poems to teach technology skills.
What to do, when? Order of coding concept activities and skills.
Using Specdrums by Sphero to develop independence on braille cell concept for emergent braillers.
Use this fun app to introduce digital tables to young students!
Here is a fun acorn lesson plan - perfect to do before Back-to-School Night!
Fun activities to apply coding and engineering concepts using simple robots.
Challenge your students with this fun activity only requires plastic cups, a couple of command cards and brain power!
Consider introducing your potential or emerging braille reader to a refreshable Braille Display!
Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 3-finger gestures.
Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 2-finger gestures.
Sonokids, the creators of the Ballyland iPad apps, have broadened out into PC software with their new Ballyland Keyboarding program! Here's a sneak peek!
Try these tried and true tips when learning VoiceOver gestures or when teaching students/adults 1-finger VoiceOver gestures.
This adorable robot can be programmed to move, spin, talk, and play games!
Editing without router buttons!
Help this robotic mouse find his cheese!
Experiences and suggestions for teaching keyboarding to Pre-K and early elementary BVI students in a group class (computer lab)setting.
Teach coding concepts using familiar stories. Learning to separate 'turn' and 'move forward' commands.
Building mental maps starts with room familiarization and then then the world!

Peg Palmer discusses how creating a tangible calendar system for children with CVI can help them

Teach coding concepts and math concepts using familiar stories. This activity focuses on teaching grid skills, choosing the shortest route and numbering.
Here is the third Ballyland Coding App - are you ready for a new challenge?
Teach coding concepts using familiar stories.
This app addresses the issue of teaching number line concepts in a digital format.
Can this fun game be used for educational purposes?
Aeden learns to pair and check that his Braille Display is talking/conversing with his iPad.
This app is a FUN way to learn iOS gestures, listening skills and increasing auditory processing!
A free accessible digital cat book.
This fun cause-and-effect app c es of s animal names, sounds and and basic tech skills.
Teach coding concepts with this fun hands-on coding activity!
Here are accessible ePub books for beginning readers!
Try this simple and inexpensive communication app!
Try this digital version of the classic Simon color/sound memory game!

Identify and practice ABA approaches that will support students who are visually impaired, blind, Deafblind or multiply disabled.

Use this fun cause-and-effect app to practice basic the tap gesture!
Learn more about the two braille displays that cost around $500.
Engaging app with 3 levels of progression, visual & audio feedback to learn to write upper & lower case letters & numbers. For students with low vision
Ballyland Code 2 is another accessible app that teaches beginning coding concepts to young children!
What are you doing for Dr. Seuss's birthday?
Take care of your virtual dog while learning to listen, problem-solve and sequence!
Oh those mischievous little leprechauns!
Aeden learns two-finger reading gestures.

Theories and best practices for early childhood for students with visual and additional disabilities

Love zany puns? This book or PDF is for you!