Best Practices

Learn how to "speed up" your student's listening, reading, and processing skills and the positive impact this has on students!
Here are my approved math test accommodations for low vision that I used in my most recent online college math classes, which included trig & calculus.
Learn how to braille students can create maps with various geographic features!
Need image descriptions to Bookshare books? Here's how!
This is a book trailer and review for the book "Access Technology for Blind and Low Vision Accessibility" by Yue-Ting Siu and Ike Presley.
What do YOU want to learn today?
What is YOUR ideal line (width, shading and texture) for teacher-created tactile images using a PIAF or Swell machine?
Learn how to use Braille Math Editor, a recent JAWS feature, with a braille display to complete math assignments using Nemeth code.

Use the "What's the Complexity" Framework to design a visually accessible school day for for children with CVI.

Having trouble with all the clutter on website articles? This video tutorial will show how to eliminate the extra buttons, ads, and columns!
JAWS lesson plans organized by tasks complete with vocabulary terms, commands and activities!
How to describe video lectures for audience member who are blind or that have low vision to ensure that all important details are included in the video.
A free solution for users who struggle with brightness/glare when using Google Docs and other websites that do not support dark mode.
This code block app is fully accessible for students who rely on VoiceOver!
Where do you take your cane?
Learn what tech skills should be mastered in K-12 in order to flourish in college and/or the work place!
Can your students take notes from an educational video?
Create maps of local areas specifically for your student and create questions appropriate for your student!
Why you should meet with your college assistive technology specialist and how they can help students and staff with disabilities.
Capture the first day of preschool in an accessible ePub book!
How family members can share their vacation experiences!
Orientation and Mobility Specialists: YOU can now create accessible digital maps to help build solid mental mapping skills!
Don't bat your eye at this fun lesson!
How to quickly create quality maps - including maps of YOUR state!
Build concepts, tactile graphics skills and technology skills with these pumpkin life cycle activities for students who are visually impaired!
My favorite examples of classroom technology for low vision students while making learning more accessible for students with & without disabilities.
Free Boom Cards for White Cane Day!
Learn how to create multiple worksheets using the same images! Note: These images are great for low vision and CVI students too!
Invest minutes to save hours for self care!
My talk from a Future Date virtual conference about what I wish I learned about Assistive Technology before starting college: a 15 minute video for all!
A list of skills and concepts I wish I learned and developed about assistive technology prior to starting college with low vision.
4to24 is a resource for parents of children and youth who are blind or have low vision and are between the ages of 4 and 24 years.
Quickly convert the color-by-number or color-by-shape worksheets into accessible tactile graphic worksheets.
Make videos and movies easier to see for students with visual impairments with these tips.
A video tutorial for students on how to take notes in class using Word and JAWS and how to organize these notes.
Continue building math numeracy with fun tactile characters (animals and objects) and counting skills.
The under-utilized tool for students with visual impairments and/or blindness.
You can add Braille Font to your iOS device - including importing braille font to apps like GoodNotes!
Build a mental map and full understanding of the ribbon using these activities!
Event summary and resource list for my West Virginia AER talk on July 7, 2021 about going to college with vision loss.
This Eagle Scout Project includes guidelines for creating accessible maps and map examples.
Terrific resource explaining CVI designed for gen ed staff training!
Build beginning math skills with simple to create - and share - shape-related graphics worksheets!
A video tutorial for students to create an effective agenda, organize months, dates, times and events.
Immersive Reader, a reading tool, is now available in Outlook Desktop, Teams mobile, OneDrive and SharePoint!
Love your job but hate the paperwork? Here are handouts and forms just for you!
Preparing students for college success through Envision, a series of videos by Dany Acosta!
Build those preschool & early elementary skills with simple to create - and share - Mazes using the GoodNotes app and a tactile graphics machine.
Helpful tips for embossing using a tactile graphics machine.
Best practices when creating metro maps!