Assistive Technology

Does your student/child need educational materials in braille or other access to educational materials during the COVID-19 school closures?
Here are a couple of fun videos and activities to explain what hand washing does to germs - perfect for young kids!
Does your student able to access educational resources at home?
Here is a great list of fun math activities that students can do at home!
Does your K12 student with visual impairments need qualified help with homework during the COVID-19 school closures?
Here is the Zoom information you have been looking for!
PBS Kids created a new accessible math game based on the PBS Kids series Cyberchase.
Take advantage of these accessible educational games!
This post describes the provision of vision services remotely using distance communication applications.
A vision teacher/Orientation & Mobility Specialist shares the challenges and rewards of serving VI students enrolled in K-12 virtual schools.
Here is a list of companies offering free subscriptions.
Looking for ideas on how to teach O&M virtually when schools are closed and students are staying home?
COVID-19 Response: Complimentary Socrative Pro & Showbie Pro for Schools Moving to Distance Learning.
Looking for free, accessible lessons that students can do at home if your school closes?
Project ideas for students mainstreamed students who are temporarily receiving virtual instruction due to the Coronavirus.
How to prepare your student with visual impairments for virtual instruction at home.
Comprehension questions and techniques should be embedded into all activities! Use this simple interactive book app to teach listening comprehension.
YOUR elementary students with visual impairments can become "citizen scientists" in this exciting opportunity to explore space, stars and planets!
Teach many screen reader concepts using these tactile activities!
In this post I describe an activity using QR codes to create a scavenger hunt to find small metal turtle sculptures around a town.
Spotlight Search is a powerful and efficient Mac tool!
Interested in becoming a blind vlogger? Here's how!
Tips from parents who have raised extraordinary kids with visual impairments.
How does your student/school/district's tech skills compare to others across the country?
Kodu, a visual programming tool used to teach basic coding with the use of blocks and pictures.
How and why I use accessible voting machines in local, state, and federal elections with visual impairment/low vision
How to make accessible copies of educational posters for students with low vision, blindness, or other print disabilities.
Introducing dictation to an emerging reader and writer.
Here is an accessible astronomy activity that demonstrates how CCD Cameras capture the light of images of objects in space.
Comma activity to practice grammar skills and tech skills (navigating a table and navigating to add commas).
Confused by all the Apple terminology?
How (and why) do you provide feedback when field testing a Beta version of an iOS app?
What tactile math skills should be taught before transitioning to math activities in a digital format?
Here is a list of A-Z terms that cover common assistive technology terms used for low vision tools.
Are your students using the Epic! app - it is accessible!
Escape room activities are a fun way to develop team-building and other skills. This post describes an O&M-themed escape room activity.
Here is a sneak peak at two future refreshable braille displays that will be available through APH!
Practice braille contractions while reading about Noelle the cat!
This post describes the use of "escape room" activities to develop team-building and other skills in a fun context.
Ways for students to customize their college Blackboard website so it's easier to see and actually helps with learning and studying.
Phonetic Announcement is both a useful feature and an annoying one
A curriculum for a basic middle to high school computer course
Basic Windows keyboard shortcuts that have been most helpful for quickly and efficiently teaching BVI k-12 students to navigate and use Windows
What math-related tech skills should we be teaching now?
Teaching students decision making for safe and healthy living.
Sol shares his experiences of living with tunnel vision in his interesting and funny video.
Which is the most appropriate term?
Create a tactile telescope model that students with visual impairments can feel and explore!