Assistive Technology

Nothing feels better than knowing where everything is in your second home, from restrooms to study rooms!
Free Boom Cards for White Cane Day!
Learn how to create multiple worksheets using the same images! Note: These images are great for low vision and CVI students too!

Determine a course of action for selecting and adapting an accessible communication system for stduents with CVI

Fall-themed spider activities for various ages and goals!
Demo of using the updated Split View feature in iOS 15 with VoiceOver
Steps to go back to the familiar address bar at the top of the page on your iPhone.
Carl interviews Ms. Robin Tueting, a goal ball medalist and an O&M instructor at Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.
Invest minutes to save hours for self care!
A video tutorial of the Canvas virtual platform using a Mac with VoiceOver.
What can be more fun than Play-Doh Braille activities?!
Build the concepts of "same" and "different" with these accessible tactile worksheets!
How commuting students can travel light!
My talk from a Future Date virtual conference about what I wish I learned about Assistive Technology before starting college: a 15 minute video for all!
A list of skills and concepts I wish I learned and developed about assistive technology prior to starting college with low vision.
4to24 is a resource for parents of children and youth who are blind or have low vision and are between the ages of 4 and 24 years.
Quickly convert the color-by-number or color-by-shape worksheets into accessible tactile graphic worksheets.
Blind people need PowerPoints too!
Make videos and movies easier to see for students with visual impairments with these tips.
Review of the most popular accessible OCR apps.
A video tutorial for students on how to take notes in class using Word and JAWS and how to organize these notes.
Accessible math worksheets for the digital classroom - includes step-by-step instructions on how to access these worksheets!
An interactive, accessible app for iOS and Android devices!
Continue building math numeracy with fun tactile characters (animals and objects) and counting skills.
The under-utilized tool for students with visual impairments and/or blindness.
You can add Braille Font to your iOS device - including importing braille font to apps like GoodNotes!
Jose interviews Gary O'Donoghue, British journalist who is currently working for BBC News in Washington, D.C.
Build a mental map and full understanding of the ribbon using these activities!
Event summary and resource list for my West Virginia AER talk on July 7, 2021 about going to college with vision loss.
This Eagle Scout Project includes guidelines for creating accessible maps and map examples.
Terrific resource explaining CVI designed for gen ed staff training!
James interviews Ms. Melody Goodspeed who holds a bachelor's in communications from George Mason University and works for AFB's Resource Development.
Build beginning math skills with simple to create - and share - shape-related graphics worksheets!
A video tutorial for students to create an effective agenda, organize months, dates, times and events.
Here's your chance to be a part of an At Your Level podcast!
Immersive Reader, a reading tool, is now available in Outlook Desktop, Teams mobile, OneDrive and SharePoint!
Start the school year with a daily journal activity!
Love your job but hate the paperwork? Here are handouts and forms just for you!
Preparing students for college success through Envision, a series of videos by Dany Acosta!
Build those preschool & early elementary skills with simple to create - and share - Mazes using the GoodNotes app and a tactile graphics machine.
What are the benefits to students who blog on P2T?
Helpful tips for embossing using a tactile graphics machine.
Connect with role models who have disabilities and who are thriving in STEAM careers!
Best practices when creating metro maps!
Creative educators are using mainstream hobby tools to create embossed tactile and braille materials for students!
TVIs should be setting the example - make your Facebook posts accessible!
Get to know each student's preferred learning style while introducing self-advocacy concepts with this student survey!
Learn how I outline research papers with OneNote, a free Microsoft Office application that is available across many devices and supports AT.
Start the school year off with this friendly accessible ice breaker activity!
How to quickly create tactile iPad overlays using a tactile graphics machine, how to add sim braille, and how to add print and braille.