Assistive Technology

A resource is shared that outlines the software and steps needed to produce Nemeth Code quickly on the computer
A quick list of the most common file formats, what they are used for, and example use cases.
Teach your student how to create line charts that show the stock price of a company over time.
Read accessible digital line charts using a special type of line chart called a stock chart which displays the price of a company's stock price over time.
Teach your student how to create and share a simple accessible digital bar chart using the Digital Transitions Fall Leaves activity.
Teach your students how to read bar charts using examples that compare planets in our solar system.
A recap of Grace Hopper 2018 and what I took away from the conference.
This third installment will focus primarily on reading files loaded onto the SD card for the Orbit Reader 20.
This accessible app gives your student the opportunity to make choices!
Check out this list of keyboard commands that are absolutely essential for students and TVIs.
Aeden's initial lesson plans including introduction to the joystick on the refreshable braille display!
Touring the 9/11 memorial and Museum with Virtual Reality and Audio Description
A tech savvy high school student with a vision impairment is leading the way!
Ten free technology accommodations for low vision students on Windows computers.
How to identify problems with inaccessible documents and fix them with ease.
These accessible books have predictable text and image descriptions - perfect for emerging readers!
This is an accompaniment to my previous post on creating Halloween games in PowerPoint, a general description of creating presentations using keyboard shortcuts.
A short description of the process used to create a simple Halloween game in PowerPoint, the audio features make this process and product accessible and enjoyable for students.
Trick or Treat! Ten DIY inexpensive Halloween costumes for blindness cane users that incorporate the cane.
Looking for a way to help motivate students to use great cane skills?
Using assistive technology with Respondus LockDown browser for taking tests in college.
This second installment on the Orbit Reader 20 will focus primarily on the file structure.
Follow Aedan's journey as he learns to use an iPad with VoiceOver.
Learn how math and game development go hand-in-hand.
A guide on how to use twitter for users with blindness and low vision
Great app to help develop visual skills for students with CVI and/or complex special needs!
Perfect for students with CVI or students who have complex needs!
Learn more about ten artists from history that had suspected or confirmed vision impairment, and how their eyesight influenced their work.
Here is a fun activity that also teaches magnification and zoom skills!
Increase functional vision and visual motor skills with this fun app for young children!

Discussion and demonstration of over 75 different assistive technology solutions
Therese Willkomm, Ph.D
March 20, 2020

The Orbit Reader 20 is in demand and available from APH using Federal Quota.
Status bar layout change and VoiceOver Pop features
The 06 Smart bluetooth Remote is a great addition to an iPad using VoiceOver.
The final article in the Juliet 120 series will continue our focus on settings on the unit.
With little notice to me, school administrators decided to offer Web Design as a course at our Visually Impaired School. A brief narrative of survival:
Information about uploading and downloading documents from Google Docs or Google Drive.
Copy and paste using the terminal clipboard on the BrailleSense Polaris.
A quick way to use Text to Speech when reading on the iPad.
Create customized digital counting activities in the Pages app!
A beginner's guide to using VoiceOver, no prior technology skills or sight required.
This is Part 3 in a series on the Juliet 120 embosser from Enling Technologies. Part 3 2ill continue our focus on settings on the unit.
Learn about accessible digital graphing with the Braille Note Touch!
O&M lesson ideas to prepare for traveling with a dog.
The Accelerator makes digital charts and graphs accessible! Learn more about accessibility options here.
The Accelerator makes digital charts and graphs accessible! Step-by-step instruction to using the Accelerator.
This annotation app enables you to ERASE unwanted items!
Learn how to use the Compass app while running VoiceOver!
Turn your O&M lesson into a Treasure Hunt! (Joanne Kennedy)