Assistive Technology

Check out these two books: Fruits and Vegetables
It's our second week of cooking!! But what happens when some of your ingredients are damaged, missing, or you have a kitchen fail?? We'll tell you...
A story of our virtual graduation speaker, one of the most adventurous and brave blind persons to have ever lived and our virtual field trip.
A narrative about creating a virtual graduation for a school of the blind and visually impaired
Quick and easy method to create CVI-friendly videos using PowerPoint and two free web applications.

June 17 @ 2:00pm Webinar: There are many benefits for teachers to upgrade their instructional practice to embrace 21st Century teaching

When and how should we introduce young students with visual impairments to technology?
Our Chefs just finished their first week of using various meal kit services. In this post they share their first impressions, challenges, and more!
Wondering how to interact with the Swift Playgrounds coding app while using VoiceOver?
Learn how to use accessible digital maps to take a virtual campus tour.

CVI: Considerations for Distance Learning

This manual will help you introduce iOS technology and VoiceOver to 3 to 8 year old students!
Learn how to make Virtual Escape Room games using Google Forms and Zoom group meetings.
An independent traveler uses an accessible digital map to prepare for work-related travel.
Practical and fun ways to teach braille, abacus, tech, and more to a 3rd grade student remotely!
Yikes! You have a graduating senior who is college bound. What do you do during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order?
Remote instructional video for parents and accessible book for students with CVI.
Sonokids is offering a COVID-19 discount to the Paths to Technology Community!
Try these physical activities before introducing SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps to students with visual impairments!
Take a minute to read about the four fabulous student chefs who will be sharing their stories exploring AT, practicing the ECC, and more in the kitchen!
Learn how students can access teacher-created custom maps & intro to understanding the maps.
Learn how to use free apps to create engaging digital content for students with CVI!
Want to improve your travel skills? Now is the time to try BlindSquare!
Set yourself and your low vision student up for success when working with Chromebooks!

CVI: Considerations for Distance Learning

Create customized tactile maps using Touch Mapper!
Grant Hardy, Broadcast Presenter for Accessible Media, Inc., is interviewed by Christian.
Quickly create customized, accessible digital maps that students can use to build mental maps and answer map-related educational questions.
Teaching number line concepts has never been easier or more fun!
My favorite no-tech solutions for drawing graphs and creating charts with low vision and dysgraphia-no screens required.
Chancey Fleet, Assistive Technology Coordinator for the New York Public Library, is interviewed by Christian.
Interested in learning to use Zoom, a popular video conferencing application?
In her recording, this young lady shares how remote learning has impacted her tech skills.
Sienna reviews and demonstrates the accessibility of Duolingo, an accessible and fun language app.
Maureen the Marine Biologist is interviewed by Sofia.
Applications for educators to remotely help students with computer technical and navigational issues.
Wondering how to get started with introducing young students to accessible digital math skills?
Snap and Read is a browser based tool that has many useful features for the visually impaired, notably CVI, but it is not accessible for blind students.
See how this student was motivated to learn a challenging school route through 'coding' the Cubetto robot!
social distancing? No Problem! Play these games with a 'VI twist' through Zoom.
Free webinar on how to create and use accessible digital maps.
This free webinar is geared for students with VIB middle school and up! Recorded webinar and resources now available.
How to prepare for college using free online resources, aimed at students with disabilities and assistive tech users.
Want to know if Google Meet/Hangouts is accessible with a screen reader?
Understanding the challenges and successes of educating students with visual impairments during COVID-19 school closures.
Free live webinars on ObjectiveEd braille games and O&M games!
Seeking general education teacher who is familiar with technology standards.
Have you discovered TpT - teacher-created resources for teachers?
Video tutorials for Orion TI-84, abacus, JAWS, and iOS designed for students!
BrailleSense Polaris firmware upgrade