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Learn all about the Chromebook accessibility!
How to use the iOS Markup tool to annotate PDFs and images, and how I use it with low vision and AT such as Zoom, VoiceOver, and Guided Access.
Learn how to "speed up" your student's listening, reading, and processing skills and the positive impact this has on students!
An adult with CVI and right hemianopia explains her challenges and how she copes with these challenges.
Build a perch for Harry and watch students learn to collaborate!
Use this engaging app to improve your students letter recognition and handwriting skills!
Embrace these engaging and efficient teaching styles that incorporate slide presentations and documents into the classroom.
Here are my tips to make proofreading feedback accessible for low vision, perfect for English class or writing a research paper.
Jose interviews Richard Rueda, digital content manager at APH CareerConnect.
Does your student know how to give a presentation while listening to a screen reader?
Comparison of popular search engines that are safe, appropriate and accessible for young students.
Smell the roses, the lavender, the marigold, and more with these spring activities!
25 episodes, 600 minutes of interviews, National Reading Month, braille and more are in this podcast!
Incorporate 21st century resources in your O&M and ECC lessons!
Play Hide and Seek with Peep and his friends!
Here are accessible versions of the popular preschool Peep and the big Wide World games and videos!
Check out this small group creative writing and collaboration activity!
Create a heart-warming Mother's Day keepsake for the 21st century mom!
Here are my approved math test accommodations for low vision that I used in my most recent online college math classes, which included trig & calculus.
Gen Ed STEM resources that are Interactive and accessible!
Perfect for students with CVI or students who have complex needs!
Revisit popular posts that you might have missed!
Blast off with sonification with these out-of-this-world activities!
Middle school, high school and college students - Pearson would you like your feedback!
Bookshare supports D.E.A.R. Day with these great book suggestions!
Sing along with this catchy alphabet song!
Learn how to braille students can create maps with various geographic features!
Accessible touch typing app for students who prefer self-voicing or who use VoiceOver!
Include visually impaired students and students with multiple disabilities in your Easter Egg hunt!
Braille Tutor is a new iOS app to learn/practice braille!
Teach coding concepts with this fun hands-on coding activity!
Need image descriptions to Bookshare books? Here's how!
This article is the first in a three-part series featuring ways for students to access classroom materials at a distance.
This app is a FUN way to learn iOS gestures, listening skills and increasing auditory processing!
This entertaining audio training course with its engaging sound clips is perfect for "flip the classroom" teaching!
These egg idioms are a piece of cake!
Recruiting students to record their opinions for this student podcast!
Apply your ChromeVox skills to Google Slides!
Learn more about this free, built-in magnifier available on your iPhone!
Speak screen feature is an iOS option that will read the text on the screen out loud.
Creating customized accessible greeting cards!
This is part 1 of 3, highlighting teaching resources that can be used for instruction as well as professional development and personal learning.
Challenge: Use your cane for a day of traveling independently!
Insert a table into Google Docs with a screen reader and organize these animals into categories!
What can YOU teach with egg tactile graphics!
Check out these Tech Lessons and Strategies blog posts for spreadsheet (Tables, Charts and Graphs)
The most common approved classroom accommodations for low vision - great for new students or going to college.
Lesson to teach students who use a screen reader how to access and create "comments" when collaborating with peers.