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Learn ho wI outline research papers with OneNote, a free Microsoft Office application that is available across many devices and supports AT.
Start the school year off with this friendly accessible ice breaker activity!
How to quickly create tactile iPad overlays using a tactile graphics machine, how to add sim braille, and how to add print and braille.
Card game to practice greater than, less than and equals!
Step-by-step tutorial on how to quickly and easily create digital images to run through a PIAF or Swell machine.
Making charts, graphs and maps on websites and mobile apps accessible!
Spice up multiplications drills and Nemeth or UEB Code skills with this fun activity!
Find the right Mac VoiceOver tutorial for you!
This is an accessible test creation and administration program.
Best practices when creating metro maps!

Design and implement an augmentative and alternative communication system (AAC) for individuals with Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)

Tips for disabled students experiencing academic ableism, bullying, or discrimination in the classroom, from a student with low vision.
Touch the Universe with these 3D printed materials from NASA and its Chandra and Hubble telescopes!
A variety of tools that enable students to create tactile images and diagrams.
Wondering how to get started with introducing young students to accessible digital math skills?
Using fun manipulatives to introduce and teach greater than/less than and graphing math skills to students K-3.
Use Microsoft Word templates to create quick and easy digital files for PIAF and Swell machines.
Cheyenne interviews Sajja Koirala a PhD Communication student at Hawaii Univsersity who is involved in accessibility and audio description.
Turning satellite images into sounds!
Spatial Tech Standards are unique to students who are blind or low vision; learn how to teach these foundational skills to young students!
The sky's the limit! Learn about the Chandra telescope, accessible images from space, and free accessible teacher/student resources from NASA!

An in-depth exploration of the brain and cortical/cerebral visual impairment

#27 in the CVI for the TVI webinar series

Expanded Core and STEAM includes art activities!

An inclusive overview of cortical/cerebral visual impairment

Listen to these space-related images from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory!
How to request accessible copies of textbooks in college for students with visual impairments and print disabilities.
Learn about the vibrations of stars by listening to data from space telescopes!

#27 in the CVI for the TVI webinar series

Motivate your student with this cane conversation!
Use your talents during this 6-week art residency at the Baltimore Space Telescope Science institute!
It's all about the teaching method! Simple apps can be used to support critical thinking skills!
Ways you can prepare your O&M student for flying.

#26 in the CVI for the TVI webinar series

Keyboard options for one-handed students or students who have motor control issues.
Madison interviews Sharon Strzalkowski who has a bachelor's degree in French & Linguistics, and is working part time as an information coordinator.
Follow digital streets and explore customized tags in this fully accessible map app!
Verbal descriptions bring art to life!
Comprehensive list of Paths to Technology posts on sonification.
This is a lively followup discussion on distance learning.
A progressive directionality game designed for older O&M students!
Practice O&M skills and mental mapping skills through available and customized touch-explore maps!
Tengo Baja Vision and Tengo Baja Vision VR are two low vision simulation apps for iOS and Android.
Step-by-step instructions and best practices when creating a non-visual digital map for students who are blind or low vision.
80+ tactile graphic images for geoscience education!
Here is a fun way to practice the read/pause tech commands and listening comprehension skills!
A game to practice VoiceOver gestures, braille display commands and/or Bluetooth keyboard commands!
Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Systems have accessibility features for students with low vision!
Multi-week lesson ideas for introducing a second grade student to audio graphs.

A CVI tutorial discussing components of the IEP and advice on how to advocate for your child's needs