Guidelines for Students on Paths to Technology

Students under the age of 18 must read and agree to the following guidelines in order to create an account and use the Paths to Technology website.

I agree to do the following:

  1. Create a confidential account with a parent or teacher and sign into that account before posting.
  2. Never post my personal information - or personal information about others - such as a cell phone number, home number, home address, school name, school address or location. It is okay to share my grade level and information about my vision condition.
  3. Submit a Perkins Media Release form signed by a parent/legal guardian before any photo or video can be posted.
  4. Check with parents or guardian before posting pictures or videos of myself.  
  5. Never post pictures or videos of other students.  In no cases may inappropriate pictures of anyone be posted.
  6. Use appropriate language.  This means no profanity (swearing), never writing mean or rude posts, and never responding to a mean or rude post.
  7. Never share PTT password with anyone other than my parent, legal guardian or teacher.
  8. Tell my parent or teacher immediately if anything on the website makes me uncomfortable.
  9. Email Paths to Technology staff at if anything on the website makes me uncomfortable.
  10. Focus my posts and comments on technology and/or assistive technology.
  11. Avoid using a screen name that includes my name, birthday or any personal information. Some ideas of possible screen names include types of animals, favorite food or something I love.
  12. Never agree to meet in person someone that I meet online.

Note that the Paths to Technology website will be monitored by Perkins staff and inappropriate posts will be deleted.

If you agree to these guidelines and would like to register on the site, please go to: