Summer Job for Teens with Visual Impairments

Photo of teenager in a suit and tie sitting in an office chair holding papers.

Summer is just around the corner - have you found a job?  Need help to get started?  Check out AFB's series on summer jobs for teens with visual impairments:

Landing that first job requires many skills, including the ability to network, social skills, independence, and matching skill sets.  Most 21st century jobs require tech skills - including the ability to fill out an online application.  Have you created a resume that emphasizes your skills, experiences and hobbies?  Have you previously attended a summer camp that will build your experiences in your desired field?  Most university departments offer summer camps geared to encourage students into their specific field, such as computer science, engineering, agriculture, etc. Have you volunteered or done an unpaid internship to acquire job-like experiences and references?

What was your first volunteer or paid job?  How did you acquire that first job? How did you obtain prior experience (if needed) to obtain this job? Please share your personal experiences!