Cyclepath: Accessible Mac game

Black and white image of a motorcycle rider driving through a road tunnel.

Ride a motorcycle and avoid cars; jump on the ramp to collect coins which can be used to unlock faster bikes and new paths. This free, accessible game includes binaural audio and environmental sound effects.

Currently the game is played on a Mac in a web browser or it can be downloaded.  Mobile options are coming soon!


The game comes with a tutorial.  Here are the basic commands:

  • In the menus, up and down select options, left and right change selectors, and enter selects.
  • In the game, space gets you going, left and right changes your direction.
  • Note:  The joystick, which is mentioned in the tutorial, has not been implemented yet.

This game is addictive!

Player Note:  The ramps are not unlocked until after you have passed about 500 cars.

Visit Cyclepath on the Dragon App website

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