Student Apps

Envision #3: Keep It Simple! How to Simplify College Notes

A video tutorial for students on how to take notes in class using Word and JAWS and how to organize these notes.

How I Outline Research Papers with OneNote

Learn how I outline research papers with OneNote, a free Microsoft Office application that is available across many devices and supports AT.

How to Find and Fix Issues in Swift Playgrounds When using VoiceOver

A tech savvy high school student who is visually impaired shares tips when writing code using Swift Playgrounds.

Kids Listen: Free Podcasts for Kids!

Cool podcasts for kids - including educational podcasts and activities!

Using Blackboard Ally with Low Vision

How to use the free built-in blackboard ally tool to get digital materials in accessible formats for students with print disabilities.

SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps: Student Uploading and Accessing Maps

Learn how students can access teacher-created custom maps & intro to understanding the maps.

How to Learn Another Language with Duolingo: A Student's App Review

Sienna reviews and demonstrates the accessibility of Duolingo, an accessible and fun language app.

Socratic App Accessibility Review

How I use the free Socratic app for iOS and Android to get homework help and better understand topics related to science, math, history & English.

My Favorite Tips for Attending Live Video Lectures

Here are my favorite tips for attending live video lectures and synchronous virtual classes without falling asleep or getting distracted.

Learn How to Code Being a Blind Kid: Video #2 Swift Playgrounds

This vivacious fourth grader created a video demonstrating how she uses block coding in the Swift Playgrounds app.

Learn How to Code Being a Blind Kid: Video #1 CodeQuest

This vivacious fourth grader created a video to share her love of coding with other students who are visually impaired.

Creating Videos with Visual Impairments

Interested in becoming a blind vlogger? Here's how!

A to Z of Assistive Technology for Low Vision

Here is a list of A-Z terms that cover common assistive technology terms used for low vision tools.

9 Ways to Customize Blackboard for Students

Ways for students to customize their college Blackboard website so it's easier to see and actually helps with learning and studying.

Google Lens Review for Low Vision

Why every Android user with low vision needs the Google Lens app, and how I use it several times a day.

Zoom Magnifier and Low Vision

How to use the Zoom magnifier on iOS and iPad OS with low vision. Includes an overview of Zoom settings and how they are used.

Creating Audio Descriptions for Music Videos with YouDescribe

How my brother and I worked together to created audio description for a music video, using the song, "Me!" by Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie.

CentOS Accessibility for Low Vision

How I configure my CentOS computer in my data science classroom lab for low vision accessibility.

Mouse Pointers and Low Vision

How to configure mouse pointers and cursors for users with low vision on Windows 10, as well as make computer mice easier to use.

How to Create Audio Description for YouTube with YouDescribe

An awesome volunteer opportunity, learn how to describe YouTube videos for the blind with YouDescribe.