Software Updates

Technology is constantly being improved and updated. The Software Update page will help you stay up-to-date with the latest available software features and enhancements as well as what to expect in a future software release. Check here to see what the experts say about accessibility improvements and issues – before you update your device!

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Maps screenshot displaying a split screen with the route and additional options.

Maps App Redesigned: iOS 10

Update about the redesigned Maps app for iOS 10.
Student using an iPad displaying Swift Playgrounds graphics.

Swift Playgrounds for iOS: Teach Students to Code

Swift Playgrounds is an iOS app designed to encourage students to learn how to code.

iOS 10 Review

Get my opinions on Apple's latest iOS release, and learn about some of the exciting features that are to come next fall!
Image of fingers on a braille display located beside a laptop.

What's new in JAWS 17 Screen Reading Software (MathML Content in Braille)

Details about JAWS 17 updates, including the introduction of reading Nemeth Code on a braille display.
NVDA logo

NVDA 2016.2 Update

Information about new features, changes and bug fixes with NVDA's 2016.2 software release.
Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings displaying how to turn on Narrator.

Future Improvements to Narrator in Windows 10

Future new features for Windows 10 Narrator.