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Technology is constantly being improved and updated. The Software Update page will help you stay up-to-date with the latest available software features and enhancements as well as what to expect in a future software release. Check here to see what the experts say about accessibility improvements and issues – before you update your device!

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Screenshot of App Switcher in iOS 11: Dock at the bottom of the screen, new Control Center on right, and four opens apps

Instructions on how to use new features of iOS 11

Check out the cool features introduced in iOS 11 and a work-around for a small VoiceOver bug in one of these new features.
Image from linked website

Accessibility of iPhone X (Face ID and no Home button)

How do these new features impact users who are visually impaired and blind?
Microsoft Edge Logo

Microsoft Edge Accessibility with JAWS and NVDA

How accessible is Microsoft Edge with a screen reader?
iOS 11 Logo

Apple's Videos about iOS 11

Check out iOS 11 software updates!
NV Access: Empowering lives through non-visual access to technology.

NVDA 2017.3 Updates

Check out NVDA's software updates!
Aaron and Nikki are two new Siri voices available in iOS 11.

New VoiceOver Voices in iOS 11

Check out these cool new voices!
Image of TextGrabber App Icon surrounded by question marks and the text of the article title

TextGrabber: Is the Update Worth Grabbing?

In this post, we will look at the new update to the TextGrabber app, explore its new features, and determine which populations would benefit most from its use.
"iOS 11"

iOS 11 Review

Apple recently announced their latest revision to iOS, so with any update, I'd like to break down some of the biggest features that can be found within iOS 11!
Sendero Group logo

Sendero's iPhone GPS App Update

Check out what is new is the Seeing Eye app version 3.0!
iOS 11and MmacOS 10.13 beta accessibility features.

iOS 11 preview of new accessibility features

Take a sneak peak at new accessibility features in iOS 11!
iPad Home screen and iPhone Control Center displaying iOS 11.

iOS 11 Beta and MacOS High Sierra

Here is a sneak preview from Apple's WWDC!
A woman's hand holding an Android phone.

Accessibility of Android O: software updates

Check out the new accessibility changes in Android O!
Screenshot of Microsoft's Immerserve Reader with large font and the dropdown men with spacing selected.

Microsoft Learning Tools for OneNote: Accessibility Features

Working with low vision students who struggle with visual clutter and other typical dyslexia issues?
Window-Eyes logo

Window-Eyes no longer being sold

Do you use Window-Eyes? Read this important announcement!
Windows 10 Creator with virtual reality, 3D images and gaming updates.

Will JAWS, ZoomText, and MAGic work with Windows 10 Creators update?

If you use these applications, read this critical information before updating to the next version of Windows 10!
iOS 10.3 update information

iOS 10.3: accessibility information

Are you debating about installing iOS 10.3? Here is what the experts have to say.
MAP field test: High school student's fingers are on a Braille Focus paired to an iPad displaying a math graphing question.

Accessibility of MAP Assessments Series #1: Introduction

What does your student do when his/her peers are taking an on-line assessment? Here is a truly accessible mainstream assessment available to students with VIB!
Settings screenshot of iCloud page with the backup option outlined.

iOS 10.3 Warning!

Be sure to back up your iOS device before installing iOS 10.3! iOS 10.3
Photo of Clips app showing an animated smiling woman with two thumbs up and purple and pink hearts overlaying the picture.

Clips: Video Creation iOS App

Have you heard about the new Apple app, Clips? Create your own expressive video!
KNFB Reader Windows 10 logo.

KNFB Reader is now available for Windows 10 Devices

KNFB Reader provides visually impaired and blind users to access print materials.