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Technology is constantly being improved and updated. The Software Update page will help you stay up-to-date with the latest available software features and enhancements as well as what to expect in a future software release. Check here to see what the experts say about accessibility improvements and issues – before you update your device!

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Close up photo of braille "iOS 13" on a Braille Display and text, "iOS 13".

Using a Braille Display on iOS: An Introduction

This resource has been updated for iOS 13.
symbol of a phone and sound waves with a line through it.

Silence Unknown Callers: iOS 13 Feature

Annoying phone calls? Not any more!
Screenshot of Paths to Technology home page with with keyboard command popup and text, "New Internet Keyboard Commands"

New Internet Keyboard Commands for iPad OS

Browse the web more efficiently with these new keyboard shortcut commands!
Outline of hand with thumb, index and middle fingers extended and text, "iOS and iPadOS 13 Editing Gestures"

Editing Text iOS and iPadOS 13

Make changes in a "pinch"!
BrailleBlaster logo

BrailleBlaster: Free braille transcription software

Here is a new tool for producing braille materials quickly!
Number 13 and text, "iOS 13 Accessibility Bugs"

Accessibility Bugs in iOS 13

Be aware of these critical accessibility bugs before deciding to update to iOS 13.
APH's Crossword puzzle logo and text, "App Review"

APH Accessible Crossword Puzzle App Review

Solve these fun and accessible digital crossword puzzles!

Live Edits in Google Docs

Live Edits is now accessible with screen readers!
Aira logo (small "a" inside a white circle with text, "Aira: Free"

Aira is now FREE!

Need sighted assistance? Try Aira!
Image of three sizes of Alexa-enabled devices and text, "Alexa speech rate"

Alexa: Speak Faster

Control the speech rate on your Alexa!
Screenshot displaying iOS Settings > Accessibility  with VoiceOver, Zoom, Magnifier, Display & Text Size buttons

Sneak Peak at iOS 13!

Apple experts are buzzing about the new iOS 13 features!
Windows logo and text, "Windows 10 Accessibility Update"

Windows 10 May Update

Check out these accessibility improvements!
Image of Orbit Reader and Braille Trail Reader and text, "APH Quota Braille Displays"

Update: Orbit Reader is available through APH

Recent newsflash about braille displays available through APH Quota Funds.
JAWS logo and text, "JAWS 2019 Updates"

JAWS 2019 Updates

Having trouble with JAWS crashing in Office 365? Are you editing your documents and want to find misspelled words? See these and other new features!
Screenshot  Seeing AI app displaying  Explore Pictures screen with image and text description.

Seeing AI App Update: Explore Pictures Feature

Drag your finger over the photo to learn where people and objects are located.
Graphic of title text: BrailleNote Touch Plus: An Update

BrailleNote Touch Plus: An Update

The BrailleNote Touch Plus was recently announced by Humanware
Screenshot of Windows 10 showing "Change Pointer size and color" settings with a large lime green pointer.

Large Cursor in Windows 10

This exciting new Microsoft accessibility feature will be available in April 2019!
Android phone with text, "Android Bugs/Fixes".

How to Fix Android Settings that Turn Off Automatically

Having trouble with your Android phone?
Windows 10 image with text, "Windows 10 update"

Upcoming Windows 10 software updates

This Microsoft blog shares information about the next major upgrade to Windows, including accessibility improvements!
Text, "MATT Connect updates"

MATT Connect Updates

Find out how to get your stylus and screen protector!