Software Updates

Technology is constantly being improved and updated. The Software Update page will help you stay up-to-date with the latest available software features and enhancements as well as what to expect in a future software release. Check here to see what the experts say about accessibility improvements and issues – before you update your device!

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Dell Computer and JAWS Bug

Does Windows become sluggish, applications close or crash, or virtual memory errors appear on your Dell computer?
Icicles over the braille dots on a braille display with text, "Is your Braille Display Freezing?"

iOS 15.3.1 Update: Fix for Braille Displays

Having trouble with your braille display freezing?
Photo of an iPad with text, "iOS 15.3 bug: "underscore""

iOS 15.3 Bug: Underscore

Learn the work around for this issue!
Image of a megaphone with speech bubble: Live Text! and Text, New Mac Feature

Live Text Feature: Picking Text out of an Image

Want to know what text is embedded in the image? Watch this student-created video tutorial!
Photo of student in a classroom using earbuds with JAWS and hands on a tactile graph.

JAWS Update: Sound Splitter

Learn how to be more efficient and to multitask with this new feature!
Photo of iPhone screen with Siri image and text, "iOS 15: Siri Bug"

iOS 15 Siri Bugs

Information about the Siri bugs and Apple responds to when these bugs will be resolved.
Cartoon finger touching concentric water circles and text, "Haptic Touch"

iOS 15: Haptic Feedback

Learn more about haptic feedback options for iPhones!
Screenshot of student's finger pointing to iPad with Split View & text, "iOS 15: Split View Update"

iOS 15: Split View with VoiceOver

Demo of using the updated Split View feature in iOS 15 with VoiceOver
Screenshot of iPhone Safari with annotated arrow pointing to the Address bar at the top of the page with text, "iOS 15 Update"

iOS 15 Update: Move Safari Address Bar to Top of Page

Steps to go back to the familiar address bar at the top of the page on your iPhone.
Google Docs logo with yellow "Update" pinned note and text, "Accessibility update"

Google Docs Accessibility Upgrade!

New features in Google Docs for screen reader or refreshable Braille Display users!
microphone icon and text, "Dictation: iOS 15"

iOS 15 Dictation Update

No time limit!
BrailleBlaster logo with text, "BrailleBlaster 2.0"

Braille Blaster 2.0 Update

Learn about the recent Braille Blaster update!
JAWS logo on a computer screen and text, "Braille Math Editor Update"

Braille Math Editor: JAWS and Fusion

Check out these Braille Math Editor updates!
Photo of BrailleSense 6 and text, "BrailleSense 6 Overview"

BrailleSense 6 Overview: Video Tutorial

Learn about the new features in the BrailleSense 6!
Graphic with text, "iOS 14.4 Braille Display Issue"

Braille Display and iOS 14.4 bug

Important accessibility bug for braille display users!
smart phone with red "x" through it and text, "iOS 14.4"

Connection Issues with Mantis Q40 and Chameleon 20

iOS 14.4 software update is causing connection problems!
Image of a computer displaying various math equations and text, "JAWS 2021 Math Support"

JAWS 2021 Math Support Update

JAWS and Fusion now supports reading math content in Word documents!
Image of an iPhone with "iOS 14" annotated on the white screen.

iOS 14: Screen Recognition

VoiceOver automatically recognizes and labels buttons, icons and other elements - even if these elements were not optimized for VoiceOver!
Image of visual Google map with annotated arrow pointing to the Accelerate button and text, "Missing Accelerator button?"

Missing Accelerate Button: Non-Visual Digital Maps

Here is a workaround if your Google Map is missing the Accelerate button.
Screenshot of Settings > phone with banner or full screen setting options.

iOS 14 and Phone Calls

Are you having trouble answering calls? Check this accessibility setting.