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4to24 app logo, & text, "STEM, ILS, Transition, ECC. Skill building resources for parents of children who are Blind & low vision

4to24 App: Preparing Your Child for Success!

Transition skills start EARLY! This valuable resource begins at age 4 and is designed specifically for parents of students who are blind or low vision. Created...
Image of iPEVO document camera and text, "IPEVO Near and Distance"

IPEVO Camera: Near and Distance Viewing

Updated August 2020 Using IPEVO for Remote Instruction With many students starting the fall of 2020 with remote instruction, there is a critical need for...
Image of Apple Podcast logo and text, "Podcasts? What is that?"

Podcast? What is that?

Podcasts are a good source of information, entertainment, and education. Perkins recently released a Podcast called eLearning to go. I mentioned it to a...