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Screenshot of TinyTap app while creating the Spring Flowers interactive book. "Creating Interactive Customized Books & Games"

TinyTap App: CVI-Friendly Books and Games

Did you know that you can create customized INTERACTIVE books and games? Interactive - meaning that you can make an image or area on the screen an interactive...
APH's Crossword puzzle logo and text, "App Review"

APH Accessible Crossword Puzzle App Review

Update 9/4/2019 APH recently updated their APH Crossword  web-browser game. There are several noteable updates, including: Letters are larger -  match the...
Image of Apple Podcast logo and text, "Podcasts? What is that?"

Podcast? What is that?

Podcasts are a good source of information, entertainment, and education. Perkins recently released a Podcast called eLearning to go. I mentioned it to a...