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Kids Listen logo for the Activity Podcast; text, "Fun & Educational Podcasts"

Kids Listen: Free Podcasts for Kids!

While looking for public fall-themed educational activities, I came across Kids Listen, podcasts for kids. Kids Listen is unique in that all the content is...
Cartoon of young lady sitting on a couch with a Mac and text, "What Distance Learning Means to Me: 8th grader with low vision"

What Distance Learning Means to Me: 8th Grader with Low Vision

COVID-19 school closures have thrown students and teachers into the 21st century and for many students with visual impairments, this new classroom format has...
Ten Fun Facts about Braille for World Braille Day 2019.

Ten Facts about Braille for World Braille Day

Happy World Braille Day! Today is the first ever celebration of World Braille Day, and people from all over the world are celebrating, especially people who...
Eight Ways to Read Handwritten Cards with Assistive Technology.

Eight Ways to Read Handwritten Cards with Assistive Technology

Yesterday, a close friend of mine gave me a handwritten card. They were worried at first that I would have trouble reading it, as they weren't sure if there...
Photo of hands holding an iPhone with screen showing Hadley website and text, "Hadley video Tutorials".

Free Hadley Tutorial Videos

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired has created iFocus videos - short and easy-to-follow videos on on the accessibility features of Apple...
TumbleBooks for low vision review.

TumbleBooks for Low Vision Review

Many libraries have started providing eBooks for cardholders- read more about digital library resources here. While many eBook titles available are targeted at...
Image with text: Why to attend therapy dog reading programs.

Why To Attend Therapy Dog Reading Programs

Dedicated to beagle butt, who attended over 50 therapy dog reading programs and helped dozens of children be comfortable around dogs. This week, a news story...
Five Free and accessible new apps for low vision users.

5 Free Accessible News Apps for Low Vision

In the last few years, several news apps have been released so that users can keep up with what is going on in their town, in their country, and in their world...
Blindfold Spin and Solver app logo.

Blindfold Games: Braille Spin & Solve

In braille, there are 6 dot positions, where each letter corresponds to a different combination of dots.  For example, the letter “A” is dot position 1, and...
Spin & Solve board with the Movie Title, "Juno".

Blindfold Spin & Solve: What just happened?

This is the third blog about Spin & Solve. While the game itself became quite popular - it was the 2nd most popular game after Blindfold Bowling, many...
Image of iPhone and text, "KaleighjRain Other speech options for iOS 8 and above"

Speak Screen for iOS8 and Above

Speak Screen is another voice option that came out with the iOS8, but its only for low vision. I prefer VoiceOver better, but this is another option.
Kaleigh reading Braille

Reading Resources

Reading is a passion of mine. I love it! There are many resources out there for visually impaired/blind people. I use a lot of these sources. Here are just a...