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Cartoon of young lady sitting on a couch with a Mac and text, "What Distance Learning Means to Me: 8th grader with low vision"

What Distance Learning Means to Me: 8th Grader with Low Vision

COVID-19 school closures have thrown students and teachers into the 21st century and for many students with visual impairments, this new classroom format has...
5 Calculator apps that help students with low vision in the classroom.

Five Calculator Apps that Help Students with Low Vision in the Classroom

It is incredibly frustrating when a visually impaired student is not able to use a calculator in the math classroom with the rest of their peers, all because...
Math worksheet completed with annotation app on iPad Pro.

Dear Ms. Teacher

Dear Ms. Teacher, I hope you are having a great day and I hope this is a good time. I am writing because the equipment to help me with my visual impairment is...