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Image of hands holding a tablet with floating app icons. Text, "Tech Standards. Why Teach Digital Concepts Early?"

Tech Standards: Why Teach Digital Concepts Early?

Teachers of students with visual impairments or blindness are responsible for teaching so many things. How do you prioritize what to teach when? It used to be...
Graduate in cap and gown with electronic devices he used to learn and graduate, phone, computer, etc.

Learning Management Systems in the Age of Pandemic

Learning Management Systems for the BVI in the Age of Pandemic With the new forced paradigm in this world of distance learning, our school, like almost every...
4 photos of hands holding devices with text, "I have VI technology, now what? Finding solutions for learning how to use tech."

I Have VI Technology, Now What?

I had the pleasure of presenting at the 2019 DC/MD annual AER conference.  My presentation focused on common issues that TVIs and service providers faced when...