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Cartoon boy sitting at a desk looking at a bar chart on his computer and text, "Digital Math Part 2"

Moving Forward with Accessible Digital Math: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed several unique tech-related skills that students with visual impairments need to fully interact with and understand math...
Screenshot of Accelerator's options with 'Options for Screen reader' circled and text, "Accelerator Options Tutorial"

SAS Graphics Accelerator Video Tutorial #2: Options

Hey it’s Esteban, and thanks for watching my video tutorial. This second video describes how to use customize the Accelerator using the “options” menu. Enjoy...
EquatIO logo and text, "Accessible Editable math"


EquatIO is a math extension that makes math digital. Type, handwrite, dictate, or simply copy a printed math equation; EquatIO converts these math equations...
Screenshot from attached video showing Excel spreadsheet with labeled Sales for Lemonade bar chart.

Excel and label everything in your graph with talking software

Top grades for lessons require labeling of your Excel graph. This lessons shows you how to do it quickly using a screen reader.  
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet with flipped geometry shapes and text, "Excel: Geometry and Shapes"

Excel - Geometry & insert shapes and label graph

Combine with 3D objects or a draftsman tool kit where needed then let your student fly with math lessons using Excel - with screen reader commands.
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet with Histogram and text, "Creating Histograms Using Excel".

Histogram Excel using keyboard commands

Perform any task creating a graph for math using Excel. Combine with a draftsman tool for young students so they understand the concepts then watch them fly...
Image o a scatter plot created in Excel and the text, "Excel Scatter Plot"

Quadratic Trend-line with scatter plot graph including equation in Excel with Jaws talking software

Complete the most complicated math graphs using excel then move the graph right into your word document to complete math work quickly and with beauty and grace...
SoftSchools logo

SoftSchools: Free online games, worksheets and quizzes provides free online games, worksheets and quizzes on a variety of topics, all organized by grade level. SoftSchools Topics  Math Math...
Bedtime Math logo: image of a nighttime sky with a sliver moon, stars, numbers and text, "Bedtime Math"

Accessibility Review of Bedtime Math Website and App

The developers of bedtime math 'want kids to feel about math the way they feel about dessert after dinner.' Bedtime math is a wacky daily math problem that...
Accessing the Periodic Table: 10 options for making the Periodic Table Accessible for students with VIB.

Accessing the Periodic Table

In many high school and college science classes, students often encounter the Periodic Table. Typically, it is presented in an inaccessible format, with lots...
SAS Graphics Accelerator uses sonification to make charts and graphs accessible.

SAS enables visually impaired to 'visualize' data

Source: SAS Cary, NC (Feb 22, 2017) People with visual impairments are often shut out from hot careers in STEM fields, including analytics and data science....
32nd CSUN Conference March 2, 9 am - 5 pm;  Experience the hands-on SAS Data Science Lab

SAS Data Science Lab: March 2 at CSUN

Register for the SAS Data Science Lab and experience data visualization in an entirely new way. SAS will present unprecedented access to data science and data...
Screenshot of a Windows computer with the sample digital math worksheet.

How to Read Math Equations with a Screen Reader on a Windows Computer

In this video, Brice demonstrates the basic commands used to navigate math equations on a Windows machine running NVDA.  The same principles apply when using...