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Duolingo's logo and text, "Learn a new language!"

How to Learn Another Language with Duolingo: A Student's App Review

Sienna is back with another video blog! In this video, she reviews and demonstrates the accessibility of the Duolingo app on her iPad while using VoiceOver. ...
Photo: smiling 4th grader with long braided pigtails sitting in her room with an iPad and text, " Coding #1 with Sienna"

Learn How to Code Being a Blind Kid: Video #1 CodeQuest

Sienna, a fourth grade student in Guatemala, shares her experiences about coding/robotics class at school and her search for accessible coding applications for...
Image of movie projector, film, and action board with text, "Videos"

Creating Videos with Visual Impairments

Students are creating videos to use in multimedia presentations in early elementary school. While tech standards vary across the country, by 4th or 5th grade,...