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Image of a computer monitor displaying Uabacus app and text, "Teaching a Blind Braille Learner Remotely"

Teaching a Totally Blind Braille Learner Virtually: What worked and what didn’t

We all have been thrown into the deep end with regard to virtual/distance learning! Some of us had prepared our students and some didn’t. Some of us are tech...
Glad I am not a turkey poem.

Screen Reader Tech Activities: Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

How do you start teaching digital literacy skills to young students who are learning technology?  Memorizing a list of commands is B-O-R-I-N-G! How about...
Photo of a chalkboard with a sun, paw print & the words Here Comes the Sun written in different colored chalk.

Using Technology to Access the Song "Here Comes the Sun"

The first evening of summer, the song “Here Comes the Sun” popped into my head, as I reflected over the school year and the progress one of my student’s has...