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Screenshot of Google Docs with focus on dictation button and text, "Today is Sunday. I am writing using dictation."

Educational Example of Using Speech to Text and Dictation

When a student becomes frustrated expressing their ideas in writing in their primary learning medium and it has negative implications on learning and their...
Screenshot of an iPhone virtual keyboard with the Dictation button (located to the left of the space bar) circled

Using Dictation in the Classroom: Mac OS and IOS

Dictation is a voice-to-text feature giving students the ability to talk to his/her device rather than type.  Dictation is available anytime there is text...
Teacher holding a manual while instructing a student to use a three figner swipe command on the iPad.

New on Paths to Technology: Software Updates and Curriculum Pages!

We are excited to announce two new sections on Paths to Technology!  Have questions about new features in iOS 10, TalkBack, NVDA, JAWS, Windows 10 and other...