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Graphic of title text: One-Handed Braille Entry to Windows Computers

One-Handed Braille Entry to Windows Computers

I’ve got a neat new tip to share with y’all today, and it’s all because my student was confident enough to speak up and correct me after I made an incorrect...
This photo shows a student's hands typing on a keyboard.

Using the MAP Assessment with Students Who are Visually Impaired: A Residential School Perspective

School year 2016-2017 was a pilot year for the MAP assessments at the Governor Morehead School for the Blind. As a school, we were looking for a way to provide...
PowerPoint slide from the Alphabet Book: Airplane image and sound clip.

PowerPoint Lesson Plan for Elementary Students

Students are learning to create PowerPoint (or the Apple equivalent, Keynote presentations) in early elementary school.  Here are some simple PowerPoint themes...