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Kids Listen logo for the Activity Podcast; text, "Fun & Educational Podcasts"

Kids Listen: Free Podcasts for Kids!

While looking for public fall-themed educational activities, I came across Kids Listen, podcasts for kids. Kids Listen is unique in that all the content is...
Image with text: Why to attend therapy dog reading programs.

Why To Attend Therapy Dog Reading Programs

Dedicated to beagle butt, who attended over 50 therapy dog reading programs and helped dozens of children be comfortable around dogs. This week, a news story...
6 Ways Amazon Alexa can help with homework: great for auditory learners!

6 Ways Amazon Alexa can Help with Homework

I love my Amazon Echo Dot (I have a review on it here).  I use it easily thirty times a day as a talking clock, as a news source, for telling me the weather,...
Bookshare logo

Save Bookshare

Author's note- Bookshare, a service that provides large print and Braille digital books for people with print disabilities worldwide, is currently in danger...

Bookshare Braille and Digital Formats

Bookshare is an online library of accessible ebooks for individuals who cannot read standard print. The library has an extensive collection of titles that can...
Image of iPhone and text, "KaleighjRain Other speech options for iOS 8 and above"

Speak Screen for iOS8 and Above

Speak Screen is another voice option that came out with the iOS8, but its only for low vision. I prefer VoiceOver better, but this is another option.
Kaleigh reading Braille

Reading Resources

Reading is a passion of mine. I love it! There are many resources out there for visually impaired/blind people. I use a lot of these sources. Here are just a...